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Lumikha DS
Last Updated2011/07/25
1.3.4-1.3.8 Download

Lumikha, create/build in Filipino, is a 2D version of Minecraft on NDS. The game has been renamed from LuaCraft to Lumikha.

It requires the Lua interpreter, Micro Lua DS, to work.

User guide

Go on an adventure in a world of two dimensions: dig, collect, build!

You can do almost anything which Minecraft has, such as dig, mineral collecting, mixing, create textures.

Some of the blocks and objects are: Wood, Stone, Dirt, Gravel, Sand, Cobble Stone, Bedrock, Wooden Plank, Coal Ore, Crafting table, Ladder and Leaves.



Left/Right - Movements

Right/Left+Up - Climb on a block

Stylus - (tap) Place a block, (press) Break the block

Stylus - (double tap) Interact with block/craft table

Up/Down - Move on the scale

Select - Inventory

Inventory/Craft table/Ovens/Chests:

Drag and drop - Move an object from the stack

Down+Drag and Drop - Move the entire stack

Right/Left+Drag and Drop - Move half of the stack


Tested on SuperCard DSTWO (firmware EOS 1.11).


Version 1.3.8

Monday 2011/07/25 3:40p.m.

  • Double click on the map to open inventory.
  • Double click outside the zone of the oven, inventory, craft table and chests to exit.
  • Increase the size of the map: 256x64.
  • Fixed the implementation of the brightness when generating the map.
  • Added environments: plain, desert, mountains.
  • Improved generation of maps.
  • Addition of sand, glass, sandstone, and doors.

Sunday 2011/07/17 24:58p.m.

  • Added time management.
  • Time contains four phases: Day-Sunset-Night-Sunrise.
  • Added the tree shoots (Sapling). These are obtained by destroying the leaves of trees.
  • The Sapling can be planted only on the earth or grass, and are removed if the block where it was planted was destroyed.
  • The growing trees is influenced by time: A shoot must have been planted for at least an entire day in order to grow, and can grow only during the day.
  • When Sapling made his attempt to shoot, it checks if there is enough room for the tree to grow. If this is not the case, expect a surprise Smile.
  • Marked improvement in rendering the bottom (also influenced by time).
  • Fixed numerous appearances in the Inventory of BSoD/Cases/Ovens/craft table.

Saturday 2011/07/16 0:55a.m.

  • Addition of gold bullion (gold ores can be melted).
  • Changing the image containing the blocks of the game: Best Quality (128 colors), without changing the size taken in the VRAM.
  • Change the look of the craft table.
  • Addition of three blocks: the iron block, the block of gold and diamond block They can store more easily ingots/gems.
  • Some corrections in some images.

Saturday 2011/07/16 0:02a.m.

  • Changing the subject bar (the one displayed on the map), to avoid the problem of maximum up Canvas, and better stick with the game's graphics.
  • Added the coffers.
  • The boxes allow you to store up to 27 objects, and are saved when you exit the game.

Friday 2011/07/15 0:21a.m.

  • Reduction of Code.
  • Added a menu.
  • Add a management languages ​​(English/French/German) basic.
  • Added generator maps.
  • The maps go into 64x64.
  • You can choose to load the map.
  • Added the brightness in the maps.
  • Addition of minerals.
  • Added furnaces (Furnaces), allowing you to melt your ores, stones, etc (currently, only the iron and cobblestone to be placed in the top box).
  • Furnaces require fuel to operate (Box below). Currently, there is the Coal.
  • Furnaces remain active when you walk on the map.
  • Ovens are paused when you quit the game, and resume the service when you reconnect.
  • Added some functions to certain blocks, like the diamond block that does not drop if you break it with something else that draws iron or diamond (the same goes for the stone, if you break it with something other than a pick).
  • It is now possible to open a craft table/oven by double clicking it.

Wednesday 2011/06/22 7:09p.m.

  • Better management of the destruction of the blocks (Time/Tools).
  • When you find yourself on a scale, you can control your Up/Down.
  • Remove addMod function ().
  • Added functions addLoopMod () and addEndMod (): detail in Section Mods.

Tuesday 2011/06/21 7:09p.m.

  • When slid / deposited in the inventory, it is possible to invert the position of two blocks.
  • On the map, you can change item with L & R.

Tuesday 2011/06/21 6:15p.m.

  • Inventory and craft table now make the objects placed in the area of ​​craft when leaving the window.
  • Fixed a bug when we crossed the boundary of the map.
  • The leaves adjacent to the trunk is cut disappear.

Tuesday 2011/06/21 4:59p.m.

  • Fixed various bugs related to adaptation Ambidextrous.
  • Fixed various problems related to scales.
  • Backup own the map.

Tuesday 2011/06/21 3:12p.m.

  • Fixed BSoD generated during backup.
  • Exposure control block passable made directly on the position of the character.
  • The game is playable now easier for lefties: PAD = Keys.
  • Managing mods.

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