Zombie NDS

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Zombie NDS
Author(s)R.H.L. (Rob)

Zombie NDS is about survival in a zombie invested environment. It's a port of an old QBasic game, that an author has written once.

User guide

Build your adrenaline up in order to survive, as the little armor you have, won't last long and there's no replacement available.

The adrenaline level is the left value under stats, the right one is the armor.

The shots in the current clip are displayed as the left value under ammo, the amount of remaining clips is the right value.


Every time you disable a zombie, it will give you a little adrenaline boost, but sometimes it might even give you a real adrenaline kick!

As soon as you get an adrenaline overdose (adrenaline level above 100), there's a chance, that a ahooting down another zombie will give you a rush. Then you can shoot up to three clips worth of ammunition without reloading - if available, two clips are instantly loaded from your inventory into your weapon.

Remember that adrenaline overdose won't last long, as your body will decrease it back to a healthy level!

Adrenaline levels
Normal 50
Overdose 100
Maximum 120
Death 0

When being attacked by zombies, your adrenaline level will go down. If it is too low, you'll be too fatigued to defend yourself and they will get you.

There's also an alternative way to finish the game: running out of ammo and then being eaten. When that happens, you will receive an additional adrenaline (and armor) bonus score!

Some zombies carry ammo clips with them. After taking one of them down, you will recieve the clips automatically.

Most parts (health, strength, damage, particle attributes etc.) of this game are (sometimes randomly) generated in realtime, so results will vary.


Left/Right or A/B - Move

R/L - Shoot

Select - Switch player palette


Emulators - Fully compatible with no$gba 2.6.

Hardware - Fully compatible with all devices (Does not need DLDI).

Known issues

When switching the player's palette, it will rapidly change until you let go of the key.

Sprites are unsorted and overlap incorrectly.

There are no messages when you recieve any bonuses (e.g. extra clips etc.)

There's no sound, highscore is not saved.