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Last Updated2010/09/13
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A Spaced Repetition flashcards application for the Nintendo DS. Similar to Anki, but this allows for creation and editing of cards on the DS.


Download and extract file.

For Flashcart:

Place fcarDS folder in the root of flashcard.

Copy flashcarDS.nds to anywhere in the flashcard.

For Emulator:

In DeSmuMe, go to Emulation> GBA slot.

Select Compact Flash from the pull down menu.

Point the File option to FATimage.img.

User guide

Main Menu:

A message would appear telling to rebuild the database, which is what it does.

Overview Screen:

Choose writing automatically switches to inverted (can be adjusted).

Study Mode:

Select multiple decks if they are available.

  • Blank means you forgot or was wrong.
  • At the end of the review you will be asked if want to commit changes.
  • Select no to repeat the same session.

Edit Mode:

From top to bottom, icons on the left are as follows.

  • Clear card face.
  • Clear both front and back.
  • Pencil.
  • Eraser.
  • Undo - Only one level of undo, no redo.

On the left, you can toggle to edit the front or back of the card.

Save is used to apply the drawn changes; if you press Start without saving, changes won't be applied.


Mainly controlled with Stylus, with a few button shortcuts.

Start - Return the main menu

Select - End the review

Study Mode:

Stylus - View the answer

Up/X - Choose difficulty (review mode)

L/R - Shortcuts for clearing the canvas

Shortcut Keys:

L/R - Undo

Up/X - Pencil

Down/B - Eraser


Tested on NDSi+DStwo and DeSmuMe 0.9.6.


Version 0.3 2010/09/13

  • Added multiple deck support.
  • Ability to create new decks.
  • Removed example decks from archive.
  • Be sure that fcarDS is a folder in root though.
  • Hold [UP] or [X] to select review difficulty in review mode.
  • Due to stylus jumping.

Version 0.2 2010/08/21

  • Now using a true SRS algorithm based on the SuperMemo 2 algorithm.
  • Use the Rebuild Index option on the main menu to make decks from v0.1 compatible with the new revision.
  • Fixed bug in database saving.

Version 0.1 2010/08/20

  • First release.
  • Not really bug tested.

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