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Version0.3 13 Sep 2010

A Spaced Repetition flashcards application for the Nintendo DS. Similar to Anki, but this allows for creation and editing of cards on the DS.


  1. Download and extract file

For Flashcart:

  1. Place "fcarDS" folder in the root of flashcard
  2. Copy flashcarDS.nds to anywhere in the flashcard

For Emulator:

  1. In DeSmuMe, go to Emulation -> GBA slot
  2. Select Compact Flash from the pull down menu
  3. Point the File option to FATimage.img

User guide

Main Menu: a message would appear telling to rebuild the database, that's what it's for.

Overview Screen: choose Writing automatically switches to Inverted, but can be adjusted.

Study Mode: select multiple decks if they are available. Blank means you forgot or was wrong.

At the end of the review you will be asked if want to commit changes. User can repeat the same session if select NO.

Edit Mode: From top to bottom, icons on the left are:

Clear card face
Clear both front and back
Undo - Only one level of undo; no redo

On the left, there's toggles to edit the front or back of the card. Save is used to apply the drawn changes; if press Start without saving, changes won't be applied.


Mainly stylus control, with a few button shortcuts.

Start - return the main menu

Select - end the review

Study Mode:

Stylus - view the answer
Up or X - choose difficulty (review mode)
L/R - shortcuts for clearing the canvas

Shortcut Keys:

L or R = Undo
Up or X = Pencil
Down or B = Eraser


Tested on NDSi+DStwo and DeSmuMe 0.9.6


Version 0.3 13-Sep-2010

  • Added multiple deck support
  • Ability to create new decks
  • Removed example decks from archive
  • Be sure that fcarDS is a folder in root though
  • Hold [UP] or [X] to select review difficulty in review mode
  • Due to stylus jumping

Version 0.2 21-Aug-2010

  • Now using a true SRS algorithm based on the SuperMemo 2 algorithm
  • Use the Rebuild Index option on the main menu to make decks from v0.1 compatible with the new revision
  • Fixed bug in database saving

Version 0.1 20-Aug-2010

  • First release
  • Not really bug tested