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Ultimate VSH Menu
Last Updated2010/08/13

Ultimate VSH Menu is an advanced VSH Menu for CFW 5.XX. There are many useful features, like hide UMD update icon, skip gameboot or load Recovery menu.

It was participated in the Neo Retro Coding Compo 2010 (Retro APP).


  • All features of the official VSH Menu.
  • Slim Colors Patch by Bubbletune integrated (remember to also flash 13-27.bmp).
  • Ability to hide the MAC address in the System Information.
  • Possibility to hide the UMD update icon.
  • Skip gameboot can be enabled or disabled (will save ~4sec).
  • Convert battery option is available in the VSH Menu (convert battery to Pandora, Autoboot or Normal).
  • Option to suspend the device.
  • VSH Recovery can be opened in the VSH Menu.
  • Ability to quickly exit the recovery.
  • Recovery can reboot by holding R and going to exit (useful for VSH plugins and other configurations).
  • VSH Recovery can be loaded from the Memory Stick (ms0:/seplugins/vshrecovery.prx).
  • Compatibility with Lockdown by Torch.


Copy the PSP folder to the root of your Memory Stick and launch Ultimate VSH Menu Installer.

User guide

Menu options

CPU Clock XMB Choose the processor's speed in XMB.
CPU Clock GAME Choose the processor's speed in GAME.
USB Device Choose between MS, Fo ,F1 F2 F3, and UMD in USB mode.
UMD ISO Mode Choose between diffrrents ISO launching ways (Normal, OE ISOFs, M33 Driver, Sony NP9660)
USB Charge Choose weather or not to charge battery from USB.
Hide MAC Adress Hide or show the PSP MAC Adress.
Hide UMD Update Hide Update Icon from UND.
Select Button Can be used for either Recovery menu, VSH Menu, or nothing.
Convert Battery If the PSP can make it, this option can convert your battery in a pandora one or restore it to a normal one.
ISO Video Mount Mount/ unmount an ISO from UMD Video.
Shutodwn Device Shutdown PSP.
Suspend Device Suspend PSP.
Reboot device Reboot PSP.
Recovery Menu Open the Recovery menu directly from VSH.


Select - Launch from XMB/Go to Recovery menu/Do nothing (depends on setting)

Left+Right+Square - Change Select button setting

Up/Down - Choose between option in menu

Reight/Left - Change value in one option

Cross - Confirm

Select/Home - Quickly exit the Recovery menu


Ultimate VSH Menu Final (FlorianSupermann)


All PSP with a 5.xx Custom Firmware (even PSP-2000v3 and PSP-3000):



Final Version

  • Removed the option to take screenshot.
  • Suppressed the option of random colors.
  • Suppressed the option to load EBOOT.PBP.
  • Added option to skip Gameboot.
  • Now you can exit VshRecovery by pressing the Select or Home button.
  • Now if we press R-Trigger when exiting VshRecovery, the PSP will reboot (Useful to activate or deactivate plugins).

Revised Version

  • Fixed various bugs.
  • Support for Custom Firmware 5.50 Gen.
  • Compatibility with Custom Firmware 5.50 MHU.
  • Compatibility with PSP-3000.


Thanks to Dark_AleX for his awesome work for the PSP scene.

Thanks to Bubbletune for his Slim Colors Patch src.

Thanks to SilverSpring for the reversed battery functions.

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