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Author(s)Simon Hall
Version27-10-07 release 3

QuakeDS is the homebrew port of Quake - the hit first-person shooter from 1996 - to the Nintendo DS handheld system.

It supports infrastructure-mode wifi networking for UDP/IP PC-DS, DS-DS, etc-DS gaming.

Note that there is another port of Quake on DS , a pre-release version of "DS Quake", is a completely separate project.


  1. You need Quake's data files. You can download the shareware version of Quake. This will only allow you to play the levels from the first episode. If you want to play the full game, buy a copy.
  2. In the root of your flash card, make a directory named "id1".
  3. If you're using the shareware version, copy pak0.pak from that archive into the "id1" directory that you just created (If you're using a commerical version, copy pak0.pak AND pak1.pak into that directory).
  4. Download config file and save it into the "id1" directory.
  5. DLDI patch it and copy it to your card.


Touch screen - changes camera view (sensitivity and mouse invert can be chosen from config menu)

Up and down - move forward and backward

Left and right - strafe left and right

START - escape, bring up/hide the menu

SELECT - enter (menu), jump

X/Y - weapon cycle up/down

L - fire

R - jump

A - keyboard, press again for touch buttons

More control options are available in the config file.

Known issues

Loading gets stuck at "3.1 megs of memory available"

  • You have not patched your game file with .dldi, see the Download and Install Instructions



  • the program, working state and game data have been squeezed into the four megabytes of main memory
  • it requires either shareware or commercial pak files, Amiga and PC paks have been successfully used
  • many total conversions and mods should work with a stock DS, assuming they respect the tiny memory size
  • total conversion and mods which refuse to play on a stock DS will play on a DS with a compatible flash card when combined with the EXRAM build
  • infrastructure-based wifi network gaming is supported
  • ad-hoc DS/DS gaming is currently de-activated in this version
  • there is full control configuration
  • game saves work, although there may be some corruption using certain DLDI drivers - game saving is not guaranteed to work correctly in the EXRAM build (when used with a slot-2 DLDI)
  • there's a crosshair
  • there's view snapping and pen sensitivity settings
  • there is a proper timebase, so the speed won't be inconsistent any more like it was in pre1
  • there's an on-screen keyboard, for use in-game and with the console, and it is much more functional than before
  • there are eight user-bindable 'touch buttons'
  • access to the command line is now easier
  • dodgy QuakeC compatibility has been improved