DS Twitter

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DS Twitter

This homebrew is a Twitter client for the NDS. The goal of the project is to view and post tweets quickly and easily.

NOTE:This application only has Basic Auth support and as a result no longer works AT ALL. Twitter switched off Basic Auth in 2009 and now only allows connections using OAuth.


DSTwitter supports English, Spanish, Italian, French and German languages at this moment, as it uses the language information stored in the firmware.


  1. Copy the dstwitter.nds file anywhere into your Flashcart.
  2. Create the /data directory if it doesn't exist yet. DSTwitter needs to write some files there.
  3. Modify the dstwitter.config.xml file included into the package and place it into the /data directory.
  • Your correct USER/PASSWORD.
  • Your timezone.
Example, Madrid (summer): 2
Washington DC: -4
Guatemala: -6

You should DLDI patch the ROM for your card if it doesn't support auto DLDI patching.


UP, DOWN - Paginate through tweets LEFT, A - Uppercase shortcut SELECT + L / SELECT + R - Decrease/Increase brightness L, R - Change keyboard (symbols, letters...)


Q: Can I configure the wifi connection parameters?

  • No, you can't do that with DSTwitter. DSTwitter uses the wifi configuration stored into the firmware, so you can use any other homebrew software designed to do that. You can also use the Nintendo tool included into some games as Mario Kart DS.

Q: I don't want DSTwitter to fetch the tweets at the start. Can I disable that?

  • Yes, you can change that behaviour from the Options menu or editing the dstwitter.config.xml by hand.

Q: Something doesn't work as expected. How can I report it?

  • Please send me all the /data/dstwitter* files stored into your flashcart along a complete description of the problem to my email directly.

Q: I've found a typo on some translation!

  • That wouldn't surprise me at all. Please report so it will be fixed in the next version.

Q: I've configured my Nintendo DS with AOSS but DSTwitter doesn't connect. There's something wrong with AOSS?

  • Yes, there's something wrong, AOSS is not supported due to library limitations, sorry.

Q: The clock time is OK but tweets are timed incorrectly / Can't DSTwitter detect the timezone?

  • DSTwitter fetches the time directly from the Nintendo DS, but it has NO information about timezone at all. You can configure a timezone at Twitter, but when retrieving the tweets the time is fetched on UTC. DSTwitter should fetch the timezone in another query that would slow down the app, against other odds. That's because there's a parameter on dstwitter.config.xml. Please, put the correct value on the XML element <utcOffset> to correct the offset from UTC.


These flashcarts are known to work at the moment the version 1.5 hit the streets. Please report compatibility with your flashcart if not listed below:

  • Ezflash V4
  • Ezflash V5
  • Supercard DS ONE SDHC
  • M3 Simply
  • DSTT
  • R4


From 1.4 to 1.5

  • FIX: Some little bugs and typos.
  • FEATURE: The application is now much faster fetching tweets and icons from the Internet.

From 1.3 to 1.4

  • FIX: Handle Twitter API change that broke DSTwitter un April, 8.
  • FIX: English version now always refers to tweets as "tweets", not "twitts".
  • FIX: Adjusted some caching values to prevent crashes.
  • FEATURE: Detection and handling of avatar changes.

From 1.2 to 1.3

  • FIX: Twitter isn't returning status 304 when there's no new data as stated on the API, but 200. So, when 200 is returned and there are no new tweets (something that shouldn't happen) DStwitter showed "Can't stablish connection". Now it shows "There are no new tweets" as expected (from a user-friendly point of view).
  • FEATURE: New configuration parameter to change the number of tweets retrieved. You can choose from 10, 20 (default), 30 or 40 tweets. Please notice that retrieve 30 or 40 tweets will make the first retrieval very slow.

From 1.1 to 1.2

  • FIX: Palette corruption bug when loading GIF icons.
  • FIX: Better message status handling according to the Twitter API.
  • FEATURE: Slightly wider tweets container. Another tiny graphical improvements.
  • FEATURE: Wifi signal meter is only shown when trying to connect. Meanwhile, a clock is shown instead.
  • FEATURE: New shortcuts: L-R change keyboard, Left-A to uppercase letters.
  • FEATURE: Tweet time shown relative to now in textual form.

From 1.0 to 1.1

  • FIX: Some bugs involving changing the autofetching time on the fly.
  • FIX: Fetch tweets manually now works when autofetching is disabled.
  • FIX: Memory corruption when sending long messages (>63 chars).
  • FIX: Brightness change with SELECT+L and SELECT+R didn't work as expected (undocumented feature).
  • FIX: Better special characters support.
  • FIX: Some status bar text was missing.
  • FEATURE: Some graphical improvements.
  • FEATURE: Whales are handled now as "can't stablish connection"
  • FEATURE: More accurate wi-fi signal meter (not too much!)