Le Compte est Bon

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The Account is Good

Le Compte est Bon (French) is a mathematics game for the NDS. It is an adaptation of the Numbers part of the televise game Numbers and Letters.

User guide

The number to find is located on the top screen and marked as nous cherchons (meaning we are looking for in English) in front.

The drawn plates are at the top of the bottom screen.

There are then calculation zones on which you have to put the plates to be calculated (all thanks to the stylus). To change the calculation operators you have to click on them (after 4 times you come back to the +). And to calculate, you have to select the box furthest to the right.

Tap the button Raz to cancel all the operations in progress, and tap the button Val to validate the result (or to abort).

You can change the difficulty settings in the options menu:

  • Easy - Calculations are done automatically and a solution is always possible (even if it is twisted).
  • Medium - Calculations are always done automatically but the draw is random.
  • Hard - Calculation is to be done head-on with a random draw (original mode of the TV game).

Since version 0.4, it is possible to enter your own draw (number to find and plate).


lecompteestbon2.png lecompteestbon3.png


Version 0.4 2008/05/28

  • Evolution major choice of game (random drawing or manual).
  • Added option to return to menu after finishing the game.
  • Possibility to put a game infinite duration.
  • Changing the display number to find.
  • Has come: a challenge game mode (which will show its progress).

Version 0.3 2007/12/23

  • Add a "title screen".
  • Added levels of difficulty: easy/normal/hard.
  • Easy calculations are done automatically and a solution is still possible (even if it is twisted).
  • Normal: the calculations are done automatically but the draw is random.
  • Hard: the calculation is to make head-on with a random draw (original mode of the TV game prefer over easy and normal).
  • Added of an algorithm of resolution (Copper thank you) accessible at the end of part (attention, given the solution is not always the most obvious).
  • Added sound effects to make everything a little more alive.

Version 0.2 2007/09/09

  • Redesign in an old school style (with blackboard and notebook schoolboy).
  • Added a score and efficacy (% of points earned by points distributed over completely).
  • Added a countdown to take into account the value to find and platelets DRAWN.
  • Added a timer to limit the time was 40 seconds to find the result.
  • Added a menu of options.

Version 0.1 2007/02/18

  • Display number to find a little more nicely.
  • A timer leaving only 40 seconds to find the result.
  • A short animation for victory and defeat.
  • Request confirmation before making a new draw.
  • And of course, the player must calculate its results (at least in one mode Hard).

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