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NesterJ for PSP
Last Updated2010/06/04
LicenseGNU GPLv2
1.11 · 1.13beta2 Download

NesterJ for PSP is a Famicom/Nintendo Entertainment System emulator for the Sony PSP.

Written by Ruka, it is a port of NNNesterJ (a NES Emulator on the Windows platform, modified from nesterj) with features arranged uniquely to the PSP version. It is also compatible with NNNesterJ's SRAM and STATE files.


  • Save states.
  • Screenshots.
  • Famicom Disk System emulation.
  • TV out.
  • Speed mode toggles.
  • Show FPS.
  • Black and White mode.
  • Alternate palettes.
  • CPU clock frequency adjustment.
  • Sound frequency adjustment.
  • Use of extra sound channels.
  • Custom key mappings.
  • Custom backgrounds (in file browser).
  • Screen size adjustment.
  • GFX filtering.
  • Text/cursor color changing for the menu.
  • Cheats.
  • Other miscellaneous options.


Create a folder in the form of /PSP/GAME/NesterJ/ on your Memory Stick.

Open NesterJ_v1_11, copy famicom.dat and MENU.png to the NesterJ folder.

Open NesterJ_v113beta2, copy EBOOT.PBP to the NesterJ folder.

You can place the rom (NES, ZIP) anywhere in the NesterJ folder or subdirectory.

Note: In order to play Famicom Disk System games (FDS), you will need to obtain the authentic FDS BIOS image. The file is 8kb and should be named disksys.rom. Place it in the same location as EBOOT.PBP file and you can check if the file is correct by selecting CHECK FDS BIOS in the menu.

User guide

How to use cheats

Create a folder with the name CHEAT in /PSP/GAME/NesterJ/ folder.

Create a text file (with the extension of .txt) in the CHEAT folder and add the cheat codes using format below (add ";" at the beginning of the line to comment)

;Game Genie Code for 'Super Mario Bros (E)'
;Infinite lives for both players

;Always stay big

Save the text file using the same name as the game (e.g. YourGame.txt). Open the menu in NesterJ and you can select the cheat text file to activate.

Game Genie Code can be found at Ethereal Games and

Menu options

  • Save Slot - Save to current slot for quick load/save in key config.
  • State Save - 10 storage slots from 0 to 9, save to Save Slot number.
  • State Load - Load from Save Slot number.
  • State delete - Delete the saved emulation state, thumbnail and save slot number.
  • Disk change - Replace rom.



  • External Rom Database - Enable/disable.
  • Save State Thumbnail - Enable/disable.
  • Skip Disk Access - Update screen while accessing the disk system data.
  • TV Mode - AUTO, NTSC(59.94FPS) or PAL(49.95FPS).
  • Rapid Mode - 30 times/second, 20 times/second, 15 times/second and 10 times/second.
  • Speed Mode 1 - Set FPS when enabled. Initial value is 80FPS.
  • Speed Mode 2 - Set FPS when enabled. Initial value is 40FPS.
  • CPU Frequency - From standard 222MHz to maximum 333Mhz.
  • Show FPS - Enable/disable.
  • Check FDS BIOS - Verify FDS BIOS/disksys.rom, for running FDS files.


  • Extend Sprites Mode - Disable is recommened.
  • Black and White Mode - Makes the screen monochrome.
  • Default Palette Type - NesterJ (as selected), Nintendulator (NES Mini).
  • Screen Size - Select the screen size.
  • Wait VBlank (VSYNC) - Disable for faster speed.


  • Settings related to sound output. You may disable the overall/certain outputs sound to improve the loading speed.

Menu Color:

  • Make settings related to the menu color and background.

Key settings:

  • Assigns keys during the game (please see below for default key settings).


Cross/Circle - Action buttons

D-Pad - Navigate through menu options


Circle - A button

Cross - B button

Triangle - A button (Rapid Mode)

Square - B button (Rapid Mode)

Select - Select

Start - Start

L - Speed Mode 1 (Preferences Config)

R - Speed Mode 2 (Preferences Config)

R+Start - Quick Save

R+Start - Quick Load

Analog Left - Menu

Analog Right - Change screen size

Analog Down - Show battery information




v1.13beta2 2010/06/04

  • Support Half-Byte Loader.
  • GPU processing improvements.
  • Added power saving code (long run when the battery used).
  • Fixed hang-up when sleep mode (v1.12 code by Takka).
  • Fixed saving bug when sleep mode (v1.12 code by Takka).

v1.13 beta

  • Fixed for stable operation with PSPgo FW6.20 + HBL R85.
  • Merged Takka's 1.12.

v1.11 2006/03/26

  • Development environment was changed from PS2SDK to PSPSDK.
  • Compression of SAVE data (SRAM etc.) and STATE data (zip format) -> Compatible file format of NNNesterJ.
  • Format of thumbnail file was changed from non-compression Raw to PNG.
  • Emulation processing improvements.
  • Added Screen Shot Function (It saves to the "PSP/PHOTO/NesterJ/" folder by the PNG format).
  • And other minor changes.

v1.10 2006/03/12

  • GPU support (coded by "e") and processing improvements.
  • FDS audio changed processing method (same as NSFplug).
  • Refresh menu (uoSnes9X like).
  • Use the left direction of ANALOG STICK to enter the menu.
  • Selectable default palette (graphics part). NesterJ or Nintendulator.
  • Low battery announce.
  • New support NSF file.
  • And other minor changes.

v1.07 2005/07/02

  • Fixed hang-up when the file selecting.
  • Modification to "WAIT VBRANK(VSYNC)" from "WAIT VBRANK START".

v1.06 2005/06/28

  • Added Game Genie function in the MENU (GENIE/*.txt is sample Game Genie code(s)).
  • Fixed Pad input probrem.
  • More changed sound processing method.

v1.05 2005/06/24

  • Changed sound processing method, processing improvements of APU (advice by "e").
  • Pad input and VBrank processing improvements.
  • Added show BATTERY LIFE button in the "KEY CONFIG" sub-menu (by smiths).

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