DSe Notepad

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DSe Notepad

DSe Notepad originally was a notepad application coded by Enira that only saved to the SRAM and opened a fixed file in the SRAM. It is put in a FAT open/save system, to make the application more practical.


  • 2 input methods
Standard PA_Lib keyboard
  • Basic text writing functions
New File button
Cut (removes selected text to clipboard)
Copy (copies selected text to clipboard)
Paste (pastes text on clipboard into current cursor position)
  • A basic about screen.
  • An INI configuration system (see CONFIG.ini and below for more details)
  • More graffitis added to the draw system! For a list of complete graffitis, see below.
  • Color Schemes (3 - Purple, Red, and Green, see below)
  • The following functions are yet to be implemented...
FAT Open
Options Page


  1. Download and extract file
  2. DLDI patch .nds file and copy it to the root directory of the card

User guide

More Info on Cut/Copy:

Breakpoints are used in the cut/copy functions. Use the following steps to cut/copy text:

  1. Use the cursor to scroll to the beginning location of what you want to cut/copy.
  2. Use Y to place a breakpoint.
  3. Use the cursor to scroll to the ending location of what you want to cut/copy.
  4. Use Y to place a breakpoint.
  5. You can now press the cut/copy button. This will cut/copy any and all characters you have between the breakpoints.

Pasting does not require any breakpoints; just move the cursor to where you want to paste.

More Info on TD_Graffitis:

The graffitis that added/included to the drawing system (can be disabled in the CONFIG.ini file to provide better compatibility with other similar letters) are:

numbers (0-9)
the "!" mark
the "@" sign

More Info on the INI Config System: This system is not required, but the default functions are as follows:

Keyboard Color: 0
Save Location: "/DSENOTEPAD/SAVES/"
Open Location: "/DSENOTEPAD/SAVES/"
Overall Color: 0
Default File Extension: ".txt"
Use TD_Graffitis: 1

Known issues

Watch out on the scroll functions; sometimes they mess up.

Excessive use of the backspace button sometimes locks the app.

Excessive use of the paste button sometimes locks the app.

Every once in a while the cut fails. (Only once in all testing, probably will not happen to you.)

Be cautious about pasting over one line of text. 99% of the time this results in a scrolling failure.

Be cautious about writing over one line at a time. Press Enter at the end of your line. If you don't, sometimes the scroll will fail.


Left/Right - moves cursor 1 character left/right (Note: Pressing Up/Down D-Pad does NOT go between lines!!!)

X - swap screens for precision cursor positioning

Y - insert breakpoint (see next section for info on breakpoints)

L - Scroll up

R - scroll down


V 0.99

  • Added Color Schemes
  • Added More Graffitis
  • Added INI Config System
  • A few minor bugfixes