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Last Updated2011/03/22
TypeOperating systems
1.11 & Updated Download

RyOS is an alternative OS (based on the AKAIO) for SUPERCARD DSTwo. An updated version is included however developer stated that it was still unstable with bugs remained.

AK-AIO is custom system software for BOTH the AceKard RPG and AK2 (and preliminary AK+ support), using all the features from the latest release of AKBBS (1.99) as a base.


  • Cheat Improvements - R4/XML Cheat File processing, online updating.
  • Future Adaptable Multi-loader support.
  • Multiple Save Slots per title - with copying between slots.
  • Slot-2 Integration - EZ3in1 (w/GBA Patching) and older FlashAdvance Pro carts.
  • Shortcut tweaks.
  • Multi-page Start Menu.
  • Filetype-based external icon support.
  • Per-Rom settings for soft-reset/download play/cheats.
  • Copying/Cutting/Deleting SAV files along with NDS files.
  • Several improvements to 2byte language support.
  • SAV backup/restore from within GUI (.SAV<->.BAK).
  • Wifi updating of Cheat Database and Loaders.

User guide

Seeing as this release has experimental support for saves ranging all then way up to 128mbit, please err on the side of caution and backup your saves before using this firmware.

The __RPG and __AK2 directory is now simply called __AIO.

Existing users should make sure to rename their system directory, and update globalsettings.ini to reflect the new hidden directory.

Cheats included are from Rayder's compilation at GBATemp, now maintained by Narin, and are current as of the date of this release.

For the most up-to-date files, check GBATemp's release site, either via PC or by using the UpdateDB option in the start menu.



Based off of AKBBS' source contributions from the above and following authors:

Special Thanks:

  • bd2rae.
  • Beta Testers (for finding many bugs).

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