World of Sand 1.0

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World of Sand
Author(s)Tassu (norna9on/nornagon)

World of Sand DS is a DS homebrew port of the flash game World of Sand. It is inspired by the simulation sandbox game Falling Sand from Dofi.

User guide

For starters, there are elements that fall infinitely on the display: sand, water, salt, oil.

Every elements has its distinctive characteristics. You are free to create anything with the elements, or simply experienment around and observe how they interact/react with the changes.

  • Delete - Delete element.
  • Walls - Draw walls that are not subjected to gravity.
  • Sand - Sand will appear wherever you choose.
  • Plant - Act as walls, but weaker. If in contact with water, the plant will slowly disappear. Salt water removes it. Turn to ashes if burnt, which can be mixed with water.
  • Ice - Do not melt in water, only with salt, fire and acid.
  • Water - Can evaporate, but not frozen.
  • Water tap - Create a water jet not subjected to gravity.
  • Salt - Can be mixed with water and making it into salt water.
  • Oil - Flammable in fire, but does not explode.
  • Fire - Can burn everything.
  • Candle wax - Not subject to gravity. Can be ignited with fire, but weak.
  • Fresh cement - Will solidify on top of elements.
  • Lava - Corrosive acid cloud. Useful if you want to erase, especially when combined with the L button.
  • Napalm - Weak acid that act like lava, but with less force.
  • Acid - An advanced version of the napalm, but only affects ice, plant, wall, water, cement, salt and oil.
  • Highly corrosive acid - Powerful acid that will clear all elements.


D-Pad - Choose tool

X/Y - Choose the thickness of the tool (fits all)

L+Stylus - Make straight lines with the elements

Stylus - Drawing


Tested on:

TTDS/Top Toy DS (firmware 1.15)
ninjapass X9 (unknown firmware)
R4 (firmware 1.18)
Ez Flash Vi (firmware 1.90 beta 11)
M3DS Real (M3 Sakura System firmware 1.40)
iTouch DS (firmware 1.30)
Acekard 2i (unknown firmware)


Version 1.0

Build additions:

  • Speed. Speed, speed, speed -- WoS now utilises both the arm7 and the arm9 in its schemings^Wcalculations, so the peak fps is somewhere around 21fps instead of 10.
  • New materials: Spout, Snow, Liquid fire, Concrete, Acid and Antimatter, plus several new reactions (those you'll have to discover for yourself).
  • You can now draw lines of varying thickness.
  • You can toggle the flows on and off.