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Last Updated2005/01/16

ps2txt is a TextViewerPlugin that runs on PogoShell.

Note: Only works with PogoShell 2.0b3/b4.


  • Read large files (up to ROM size limit 32MBit-PogoShell).
  • Smooth line scroll/page scroll.
  • Auto key repeat (adjustable spped).
  • Real-time decompression of compressed fonts.
  • Variable font size, variable font face.
  • Font change during startup.
  • Anti-aliased font.
  • Change line spacing.
  • Real time save states for each file.
  • 4 bookmarks per file. Preview display when loading/saving/deleting.
  • Return to PogoShell2.
  • Windows fonts can be used with GBA.
  • Key click sound ON/OFF switching by ADPCM.
  • Not compatible with RTC.
  • TAB stop, TAB font setting.
  • BG background image.
  • Action preview.


The attached sample plug-in contains only JIS level-1 kanji to reduce the size. You can add your own font that suit your needs.

To install, copy txt.bin under PogoShell2\root\.shell\plugins\.

Open PogoShell2\root\.shell\pogo.cfg with notepad or similar tools.

Locate txt 4 TXT, modify it and add a new line, like so:

#txt 4 TXT
txt 4 txt.bin 2

You can restore it by deleting "#" and txt 4 txt.bin 2.

User guide

Menu options:

  • Save/Load/Delete files.
  • Switch fonts.
  • Overall sound effect (on/off).
  • 2x oversampling.
  • Sound volume.
  • Indiviual sound effects (on/off).
  • Debug window.


Text viewer:

Select on boot - Help

A/B or Up/Down - Next/Previous line

Left/Right - Next/Previous page

L+R - Back to PogoShell (can be changed tp A+B in the options menu)

Start - Menu


L/R - Next/Previous page


ps2txt3.png ps2txt4.png

ps2txt5.png ps2txt6.png

ps2txt7.png ps2txt8.png

ps2txt9.png ps2txt10.png


Version 0.14 2005/01/16

  • Enabled to select PogoShell return code from automatic recognition/Visoly(F2A) system/XROM system.
  • Added Type2 (right hand mode) to key customization.
  • Key customization setting status is displayed in Help.
  • Intergrated high speed version that seems to be stable now.

Version 0.13 2004/11/23

  • Change appearance. Made it possible to customize the color of all parts. Comes with a color change tool.
  • BG background image can now be added. A BG background image embedding tool is included. BG enabled/disabled can be selected on GBA.
  • Speeding up that relied on intuition was speeded up while properly measuring the speed.
  • txt.gba+txt.fpk=txt.bin is now just txt.bin.
  • Fixed an issue where fonts could not be combined in WinME.
  • Added [L+R] and [A+B] keys to return to PogoShell.
  • Intended to save battery by stopping DirectSound when the sound stops.
  • Intended to save battery by stopping the CPU during idle time when nothing is being processed.
  • TAB character display and TAB stop digit can be set.
  • Fixed a bug that the volume is different between the real device and the emulator.
  • Comes with a high-speed version for testing purposes.

Version 0.11 2004/08/30

  • You can now return to PogoShell with X-ROM (Thanks keiich).

Version 0.10 2004/08/27

  • Release for the time being.

Version 0.00 2004/08/20

  • Created.

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