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Last Updated2005/09/02
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DSpec is a Zx Spectrum emulator for the Nintendo DS. Preview version is available for public while Donation is required for full version.


  • 1:1 pixel resolution means no clipped screens or resizing.
  • Full sound emulation.
  • Spectrum keyboard accessed via the bottom touch screen.
  • Touch screen game selection with directory support.
  • Supports .sna and .z80 files.
  • Kempston joystick emulation via D-Pad and face buttons.
  • DS d-pad and buttons can be re-configured per game and saved to memory card.

User guide


  • Drop DSPEC.INI into the root of your filesystem, along with DSPEC.
  • You can edit this file to change the default control scheme and files paths.

Redefine controls within DSPEC

  • Go into the settings and use the icon that looks like arrow keys.
  • When editing controls withing DSPEC you can optionally save them.
  • Doing so will create a file that pairs with the currently loaded ROM.
  • If for example you have chuckie.sna loaded, and save the control scheme, the control file chuckie.ini will be created.
  • When loading a ROM, if the default control file exists, it will be loaded and used.

Rom specific control files

  • These can be created within DSPEC or manually created and dropped into the appropriate configurfation folder.
  • They are only text files, so can be edited or viewed from notepad or similar.

Loading ROMs

  • The load icon has been removed.
  • Double tap the list entry to load it.




Public Beta 0.2b Released

  • Fixed for M3, probably MP, and Supercard 1.70 also.
  • New theme.
  • Couple of other fixes.

Public Beta 0.2a Released

  • Fixed Audio sync.
  • Fixed Audio stereo output & volume.
  • Too tired. You spot the changes.

Private Beta 0.2

  • Fixed graphical corruption in Cobra, Gutz, and many others.
  • Fixed problem with long filenames corrupting the file browser display.
  • Fixed problem whereby START & SELECT are transposed when saving game INI files.
  • Added interface II option to control configuration panel.
  • Fixed problem with sounds panning through single speaker only.
  • Added preliminary save states (uncompressed Z80's)
  • Added console/log output, although very little is logged currently.

Private Beta 0.1.1

  • More improvements to the GUI. Dialog buttons work better.
  • Z80 support. Not sure this is quite right. Lots of stuff does work though.

Private Beta 0.1

  • Fixed the Supercard SD loader (many thanks to Peacesquid for helping to test).
  • Found a silly bug in the SNA loader. This should fix a few games. Starstrike 3D now works.
  • Added external configuration file (DSPEC.INI).
  • ROM specific control files are now supported.
  • Controls can now be redefined within DSpec, and saved.
  • File sorting fixed.
  • Enhanced GUI. Icon layout improved. New button type added. Clock added.
  • File type filtering added.
  • Directories supported. Directory traversal now possible.
  • Various fixes to emulation routines (Automania seems to work now).
  • Partial support for Z80 snapshots (removed temporarily).
  • Spectrum reset (removed temporarily).
  • DSpec has file writing routines now. They may not work correctly on all media cards.

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