Rodixs ¡TIC!

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Rodixs TIC
VersionFinal 2

Rodixs ¡TIC! (Spanish) is a DS homebrew puzzle game about controlling a red planet and defend yourself from attacks.

The Final Version 2 is presented to the Scenery Beta 2010.

User guide

To defend your planet (red ball), you need to assist your ally the blue planet (blue ball), which will make your planet evolves into larger size to be able to face the enemies (white ball). It includes Arcade Mode and a Store where you can customize the appearance of your planet/ball.

Game mode

Start Mode:

  • It has 13 levels, each with a speed greater than the former, the last one is disbolical and will to reach it you will need 25000 points.
  • Start with a medium size and the goal is to fill a tube with a greenish liquid. Collect points by pressing and releasing A/L/R. As time goes the points will increase proportioned to your size.
  • You can accumlate up to 2500 points and empty them into the green tank. The game ends when the enemies hit you.

Arcade Mode:

  • Start with 5 lives. You lose a life if you get hit by enemies.
  • You earn a coin for every 1000 points, which you can exchange for new skins in the Store.


In Start Mode, you get 50 coins for completing a level and in the Arcade Mode you receive 1 coin for every 1000 points. Coins can be used to obtain new skin of your planet/ball:

  • Bolalila - 100 coins.
  • Pika Ball - 200 coins.
  • Zebra - 400 coins.
  • Soccer Ball - 800 coins.



D-Pad - Select menu options

L/A - OK

In game:

Stylus or D-Pad - Move ball, Buy (store)

B - Return to menu

X - Increases the speed of the ball using D-pad

A/L/R - Pour points into the tank, Accumulate points (depending on the game mode)

Start - Pause


Rodixsds2.png Rodixsds3.png


Tested on:

M3i Zero (Sakura firmware)
M3DS Real (firmware 4.8)
iTouch2 (firmware 3.8c)


Final2 version

  • Fixed some bugs.
  • Added new funds.

Final version

  • Remodeled graphically.
  • Added sounds and effects.
  • Ability to save coins and store bought balls (by pressing Select at any time of the game).
  • Fixed minor bugs (and older).

Version 4.1

  • Added more effects.
  • Added more funds 16bits.
  • Removed a ball invisible that Ma had cast.

Version 4.0

  • Added mode Store, where you can redeem the coins collected in arcade mode for new balls, added the bolalila, the pika-ball, soccer and zebra.
  • Logo updated.
  • Fixed bug with the tube to the next level (the first two pieces do not refill).

Version 3.0

  • Added arcade mode.

Version 2.1

  • The remaining items do not become negative if you pass 0.
  • The blue ball appear randomly right or left.
  • Improved menu graphics.

Version 2.0:

  • Notable graphic enhancement.
  • Changing the mechanics of the game was to score points by filling the tube.
  • Added the remaining points to finish the level.
  • Fixed several Bugs.