Blob Volleyball PSP

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Blob Volleyball
AuthorSlasher (Team Duck)
Last Updated2008/08/20
TypeOther Games

Blob Volleyball is a heavily physics-based volleyball homebrew for PSP using the JelloPhysics library, inspired by a game called slime volleyball which is readily available on the internet.

It was participated in the Neo Summer Coding Compo 2008 (PSP Games, 9th place).

User guide

The goal is to fling the ball over to the opponents side of the net.

For every successful point against the opponent, you gain 50 points; and for every score your opponent gets, you lose 50 points.

You must not allow your score to go below 0, or else it is game over for you.

Each opponent requires 5 successful serves against them in order to move on to the next opponent.

This game features a loopable song which can be placed in the ms0:/MUSIC/ folder, and this game can also play your favourite MP3s located in the ms0:/MUSIC/ folder as well.

This game also provides a multiplayer mode that requires 2 people to play on one PSP.


Single player:

Left - Move your blob to the left

Right - Move your blob to the right

Up - Jump your blob

Circle - Drop ball for your serve

R - Bulge your blob to fling the ball

Square+L/R - Switch between the currently playing MP3s

Select - Pause the game

PSP Motion Kit:

Tilt left/right - Move your blob

Fling PSP upward - Jump your blob

Multiplayer - Player 1:

Left - Move blob to the left

Right - Move player1 blob to the right

Up - Jump blob

Down - Drop ball for serve

L - Bulge blob to fling the ball

Multiplayer - Player 2:

Square - Move blob to the left

Circle - Move blob to the right

Triangle - Jump blob

Cross - Drop ball for serve

R - Bulge blob to fling the ball

Select - Pause game




Blob Volleyball PSP (Slasherzor)


This game should be compatible in both the 1.50 and 3.xx/4.xx kernel.


Thanks caliarbor for MP3 ME Player and sakya for LightMP3.

Thanks Raphael for motion kit driver and support.

Thanks Drakon for both porting the JelloPhysics library and for all the help.

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