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Last Updated2005/11/10
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PAMOD is a highly customizable music player for the old tracker format mod.

The goal of the project is a small, but customizable, stand alone player with a quick and easy filesystem. It is made with PAlib.

User guide

Add the mod-files you want to include in the /MODS/ directory.

Use only lowercase letters on the extension, that means .mod, not .MoD or .mOD etc. Also keep in mind that the DS only have 4MB of RAM, so playing files as big as that will not work.

Start the GO.bat file in the root of PAMOD. This will compile the filesystem and show a list of all files included. You should now have a new file in the rootdir, namely PAMOD_done.ds.gba.

If you use a flashcart, just burn the PAMOD_done.ds.gba to the cart and boot. The program should run and the playlist should show the files you added.

Custom skins

The skins consist of 3 files in the /SKINS/ folder; two jpegs and a config file.

Replace/edit the jpegs and edit the configfile. The jpegs are standard ones (no colorlimit or anything) and the config file is a renamed txt-file.

Config file contains detailed description of the commands used.


The jingle that PAMOD plays when it starts can be replaced too.

Boot your favorite music converter/editor (e.g. Audacity), and for best result, make a 11025KHz 8BIT SIGNED RAW-file.

Then just replace the old one in the /MODS/ directory, recompile the filesytem and WOILAH, custom jingle.


Version 1.1

  • Made the scrolling smoother (now you can hold down the pad to scoll).
  • Fixed the border of the default skin a bit.
  • Made the fading at boot a bit more smooth.

Version 1.0

  • First public release.


Program by Kleevah.

Using libraries by Mollusk, Joat and Dovoto.

Using modcode by Deku64.

Included modfiles are mostly from

Jingle is from the game Gradius, made by Konami.

Skin was made from a random picture on 4chan.

Big thanks to #dsdev and #pa_lib, StoneCypher, Arog and Mollusk, whole DS community.

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