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RAC is a homebrew tool to back up an Animal Crossing: Wild World (ACWW) town (or the save data of any other DS Game Card with a 2 Mbit save chip) to a SLOT-2 storage device for Nintendo DS.

User guide

It is capable of displaying the town name and names of residents in ACWW saves, and it names each backup after the town name and current date. It can also restore saved data from a SLOT-2 device to such a Game Card.

It does have some limitations:

  • RAC does not back up the game itself, only your town.
  • RAC cannot back up save sizes other than 2 Mbit (256 KiB).
  • RAC can back up and restore save data of other games with 2 Mbit save, such as Oideyo Doubutsu no Mori (おいでよ どうぶつの森, the Japanese version of ACWW) or Mario Kart DS.

But RAC cannot display info from these games, and except for Drawn to Life (U) and March of the Minis (U), it uses the town name "Non-ACWW save" when saving backups.

  • RAC cannot backup to SLOT-1 storage devices due to limitations in the ability of the devices to support card swapping. It does work on GBA Movie Player CF and SuperCard SD.

If you have a SLOT-1 card and a wireless router connecting your DS to your PC, you can use savsender to back up (but not restore) save data.

  • RAC cannot back up to SLOT-2 devices that contain only NOR flash and battery-backed SRAM.

These cards, sold during the Game Boy Advance era (2001 through 2004), include Flash2Advance, EZ-Flash, and EFA-Linker (Extreme Flash Advance).

  • RAC should be run on a Nintendo DS, not on a PC under emulation.
  • Use RAC at your own risk.