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AuthorFredrik Ahlstrom (FluBBa)
Last Updated2013/03/23
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NitroGrafx V0.6 is a PC-Engine/TurboGrafx-16 emulator for the NDS written by FluBBa, it can also emulate some of the (Super) CD-ROM^2 & Arcade Card.


Note: You will need to prepare the compatible BIOS images in order to use this emulator.

Download and extract file. Depending on your flashcart you might have to DLDI patch the emulator file.

You should also create a NitroGrafx directory either in the root of your card or in the data directory (eg h:\NitroGrafx or h:\data\NitroGrafx).

Put your games on your flash card, max 512 games per folder. Filenames must not be longer than 62 charsacters. You can use .iso files or .bin/.cue files.

User guide

Loading CD-ROM games

Select a CD-ROM System rom from Options> Machine> BiosSettings> SelectBios.

Select a .iso file or a .cue file from a bin/cue combo.

Press the Start button when the CD-ROM System screen shows up.

Right now NitroGrafx supports loose .iso files for games that only has 1 data track (or 2 where the last one is a backup), or bin/cue files for complete cd rips.

CD-Rom games tested

Title Status
Addams Family (U) Ok, fullscreen images flicker.
Cosmic Fantasy 2 (U) Intro & game ok.
Download 2 (J) Ok.
Exile (U) Crashes if you hit the Ants.
Final Zone II (U) Ok, need to skip intro.
Gain Ground Too big.
Golden Axe Ok, need to skip intro.
HellFire S Ok.
Jyuohki (J)/(Altered Beast) Ok.
Macross 2036 (J) Ok.
MineSweeper (J) Ok.
Monster Lair Ok.
Rayxanber II (U) Palette issues on first Boss, corrupt "Game Over" screen.
Red Alert (J) Ok.
Road Spirits Ok.
Space Fantasy Zone (J/U) Ok.
Splash Lake (U) Ok.
Spriggan (J) Ok, stops after 3rd level?
Super Darius Ok. What is different from the Hucard version? A bigger logo?
Valis II (U) Ok, need to skip intro.
Valis III (U) Works.
Valis IV (J) Same as Valis III.
Ys Book 1&2 (U) Ok.
Ys 3: Wanderers From Ys (U) ?

Super CD-Rom games tested

Title Status
Conan Intro Ok.
Cotton - Fantastic Night Dream (U) Ok.
Double Dragon 2 Ok.
Dracula X (J) Ok.
Forgotten Worlds (J) Ok.
Genocide (J) Ok.
Gradius 2 (J) Ok.
Image Fight 2 (U) Ok.
Loom (U) Ok.
Lords Of Thunder (U) Ok.
Nexzr Ok.
Rayxanber III (J) Ok.
Riot Zone Ok.
R-Type Complete CD (J) Ok.
Shadow of the Beast (U) Ok.
Winds Of Thunder (J) Ok.

Additional notes

You can rip your own CDs with program such as Cdrwin. If you already have your games make sure to check the rip with TocFixer, and test them on audio player (.wav) and virtual CD device (.cue)/ mount it in a virtual CD device and run in an emulator like Ootake (.bin/.cue).

Also note that all games are not perfect (a lot of US games doesn't work because they are encrypted, use PCEToy or the emulator Ootake to decrypt these before you use them). And don't use overdumps as these are evil on PC Engine.


L+R or Touchscreen - Access GUI

Close/Open DS - Sleep mode/resume emulator


nitrografx2.png nitrografx3.png

Known issues

The games that have severely lagging cutscenes tend to be the ones with major graphical errors, such as Emerald Dragon. One of the times I tested Mystic Formula tonight, the first in game cinema went at a perfect 60 FPS, but upon a fresh boot, went at the usual 55-58.

If you restart your DS, loading the savestate does not work. Savestate is only for the data, not CD audio position, but that's OK. Just don't do a savestate during a cutscene.

This emulator has come a long way in such a surprisingly short time! A large number of CD games are thoroughly playable, with only minor glitches in cinemas, and little to no slowdown.


V0.7 2013/03/23

  • Added multitap emulation.
  • Added 6 button joypad emulation.
  • Added support for arguments (for cards that support it).
  • Added exit to flashcard menu (for cards that support it).
  • Fixed a few things with savestate loading.

V0.6 2010/11/06

  • Fixed graphics rendering.
  • Support for all 2048 tiles.
  • Support for 1024 wide tilemaps.
  • Support for 320 pixel wide screenmode.
  • Better caching of tiles/sprites, less flickering
  • Optimised everything.

V0.5 2010/05/06

  • Added support for CD-ROM images in .bin/.cue format.
  • support CD audio playing.

V0.4 2010/04/16

  • Fixed CPU cycles per scanline (455, confirmed on hardware).
  • Fixed timing of scroll register writes.
  • Fixed Sprite DMA IRQ handling.
  • Fixed savestates a bit (should be compatible between versions now).
  • Fixed scaling after loading savestate.
  • Fixed caching of Bios.
  • Better timing of ADPCM playing (still no sound though).
  • Debug output now optional, also more info is written.

V0.3 2010/04/10

  • Fixed cache for 16x64 sprites.
  • Fixed sprite DMA flag.
  • Fixed more CD-ROM emulation issues.

V0.2 2010/03/23

  • Added support for the SF2 mapper.
  • Fixed loading of roms with headers.
  • Fixed sprite scaling when switching modes.
  • Fixed directory cache misses.
  • Fixed some CD-ROM emulation issues.

V0.1 2010/03/19

  • Initial release, allmost everything from PCEAdvance seems to work.

V0.0 2010/01/19

  • Started Coding.


Zeograd for a lot of help with the debugging. Charles MacDonald and David Shadoff for a lot of the info on the PC-Engine.

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