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Version0.1.0 Pre-released

Memory puzzle game.


  1. Download and extract file
  2. Copy the file to the root directory of the card

User guide

Playing on a grid as large as 8x8 cells, player can match two cells by either their colors or their symbols. A successful match, allows player to move on and flip available cells until match all of them by both shape and color.

Hints are available on the upper screen, while making guesses on the lower part. The game makes use of a somewhat complicated algorithm to compute the score.


The bottom grid:

black cell - untouched,
gray cell - touched and unmatched,
white background - current matched,
gray background - unmatched,
black background - matched.

The top grid:

black background - untouched,
white background - current touched,
gray background - touched and unmatched,
black cell - matched.


Touch the first cell and score 0 point.

Touch the second cell which matches shape or color with the first cell and score 1 point.

Touch the third cell which matches shape or color with the second cell and score 2 points.

Touch the fourth cell which matches shape or color with the third cell and score 3 points.

In single player mode, touch a cell and score minus 1 point. Clear the whole m*n grid and score m*n bonus.


Plus: plus score. See above.

Minus: minus score. See above.

Bonus: bonus score. See above.

Score: current score = Plus - Minus + Bonus. Maybe minus.

Shapes: Change the number of shapes (rows) of the grid.

Colors: Change the number of colors (columns) of the grid.

Time counter: Turn all cells face up and start counting up and memorize, and then turn all cells face down and stop counting up and play.

Question mark: toggle if show the grid for hint or not.

Grid: New game.

Triangle: Give up continuing touching. It is sometimes necessary.