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Author(s)Ddany N. Guyen Dinh Thinh, Benoit Vallee, Jocelyn Girard
TypeArcade Shooter
Version28th November 2008

Keris is a maniac shoot'em up with vertical scrolling (shump) on the Nintendo DS, which is inspired by old school arcade classics in the genre such as DoDonPachi and Mars Matrix.


Download and extract file.

Copy all files in the directory NintendoDS to the root of your SD Card.

Note: For emulator, run with the provided no$gba (the highscore and profiles will not be saved if you are playing via emulator).

User guide

In the year 1421 of the Jurian calendar, in homage to the people who put an end to the apocalypse, the people of Kreog were hardly more satisfied with their resources and decided to put their hands on the reserves of neighboring peoples, the effectively chasing their planet. Little time was enough to exhaust the new resources thus acquired, which had the aim of initiating them in a conquest of the rich worlds populating the universe.

Their modus operandi is redundant: from the height of their technological supremacy, they first contaminate the resources of the target world, with an evil for which they alone have the remedy, then dominate the peoples thus left in a state of weakness in order to control them. submit to the forced role of resource collectors.

Having heard of these events, our brave people of the planet Keris decided to react by setting up the Keris Project with the aim of delivering these oppressed people: three sturdy vessels with concentrates of technologies.

But fate decided otherwise, and today, the Kreogs invade us while the Keris Project is still at the prototype stage.

Come what may, let's defend our planet, and deliver the universe!



  • Benoît Vallée (lead developer (Keris and fixes on uLib)).
  • Marco Fernandes (lead graphics designer).
  • Dany Nguyen (levels, communication, concept and ideas).
  • Jocelyn Girard (levels, menu, concept and ideas).
  • Nicolas Challeil (graphics designer).


  • DevKitPro 1.4.10 and libnds.
  • ASLib.
  • LibLobby.
  • µLibrary (by Florian Brönnimann, modified by Benoît Vallée).
  • fscrimage.