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Last Updated2008/06/27

WakeUp is a digital alarm application. It is based on a feature from WinShell, a homebrew shell application with Windows interface, and is modified to load directly from XMB without WinShell.

It was submitted to the Scenery Beta 2008 (PSP Applications).


Place all the archive's contents under WakeUp (or the default PSP_ALARMA) at the GAME directory of your Memory Stick.

User guide

Digital clock

There are 6 colors available for the digital clock. Alarm default at 05:00, with 2 keymaps options.

Other than digital clock, the application also displays the following information:

  • CPU speed.
  • USB connection.
  • Level of battery charge.
  • Name of the current song/music.

Custom alarm

Rename the MP3 to "4", then place it to the homebrew folder.

Useful tips

Put before in the system, turn off the screen in 2 minutes, if you plan to fall asleep.

If you want to see the screen with the time all the time, because you are supposed to be awake and listening to mp3, then put the screen always active, and connect the PSP to the power.

Activate hold for your PSP if you are a sleepwalker, to avoid turning off the alarm while sleeping.


Start - Start playing MP3 continuously (from music folder), Stop alarm

Triangle - Stop alarm and resume playing MP3 (from music folder)

Select - Set alarm

Home - Confirm

Up/Down - Change song

Left/Right - Change color of the clock

Circle - Activates and deactivates the USB

R+L - Exit program and save alarm clock setting

R+Up/Down - Change alarm minute (same as Select)

R+Left/Right - Change alarm hours (same as Select)

L (hold) - Reload MP3 list


Tested and worked on:

CFW3.90M33-3 Phat (with 3.90 for recovery in the game)
CFW3.40 and FW1.5 of TMY in CFW3.52

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