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VGT Evolution
AuthorTeam VGT
Last Updated2009/09/02

VGT Evolution is a multifunctional homebrew which has an interface similar to MacOS. It is available in Spanish and English.

This is an entry from the Scenery Beta 2009 (PSP Applications).


  • Included in the EBOOT.PBP: Images and MP3 sounds.
  • Cursor mode.
  • Possibility of selecting two different themes, exclusively designed by Team VGT.
  • Mac style bar.
  • Transition effects between windows.
  • Language loaded based on the one defined in the XMB.
  • Extended scrolling between window options.
  • Indicator for scrolling between options.
  • Scroll and blink messages on questions and information.
  • In case the respective PRX (modules) are not with the EBOOT, the application will not start.


Copy the VGTEvolution folder to ms0:/PSP/GAME/.

User guide

Note: Flashers or features that require alterations in the flash of the device can brick your PSP. Please backup your important data accordingly and use with caution.

You will find an information bar on the top of the screen, and a task bar at the bottom for selecting tasks that you would like to perform.

Information bar

  • From left to right:
    • User.
    • Percentage.
    • Battery status.
    • Degrees Celsius.

Task bar

  • Mp3 sound:
    • Bar.
    • Credits.
  • VGT menu:
    • Language change in real time.
    • Theme change in real time.
    • Screenshot.
    • Exit to the XMB.
    • Restart PSP.
    • Turn off PSP.
  • USB connection:
    • Memory Stick.
    • flash0.
    • flash1.
    • flash2
    • flash3.
  • Free up space:
    • Backup files.
    • Free up space.
    • Restore files.
  • Backup:
    • nand.
    • ipl.
    • flash0.
    • flash1.
    • flash2.
    • flash3.
  • Flasher:
    • THEME 1.
    • THEME 2.
    • THEME 3.
    • THEME 4.
    • THEME 5.
  • XHide File (hide):
    • Files (1 level): PICTURE. PSP/PHOTO. MUSIC. VIDEO.
  • Launcher:
    • Homebrew.
  • Pixelizer:
    • Identify vague pixels.
    • Repair mode 1 (RGB).
    • Repair mode 2 (RYB).
  • Stopwatch:
    • Start.
    • Pause.
    • Stop.
    • Restart.
  • Update Version:
    • Backup version.txt.
    • Restore version.txt.
  • Update version.txt to:
    • 5.00.
    • 5.02.
    • 5.03.
    • 5.50.
    • 5.51.
    • 5.55.
  • Battery:
    • Normal battery.
    • Battery service mode.
    • Autoboot battery.
    • Dump eeprom.
    • Restore eeprom.
  • Credits.

Additional notes

It is recommended not to use the functions in relation to the flash0 in ChickHEN.

All backup and file management are created in /PSP/GAME/VGT Evolution/.

The themes must be put as single files inside /PSP/THEME/THEME1/ or /THEME2/ or /THEME3/ etc.

It is strongly recommended not to use the battery tools on PSP-2000 or PSP-3000, in order not to damage it.


D-Pad - Move between options

Cross - Select option

Select (main menu) - Display VGT menu

Select or Circle (VGT menu) - Return to main menu




VGT Evolution CFW PSP Homebrew (Rob Papallo)


Not recommend to use in ChickHEN (Flash0 options in particular), and on PSP-2000 or PSP-3000 (for its battery features).

Known issues

The minimize button has been suspended in v1.0.

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