Caisses DS

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Caisses DS
Version04 update

Caisses is a Sokoban clone originally made by Hiroyuki Imabayashi with 50 levels. This homebrew is created using Mega Level Editor from REPPA for the competition, the playing area is incorporated into a checkboard containing 192 tiles (19x12). Each box is 16x16 pixel.

It was submitted to the NINTENDOMAX 2006 competition.


  • Original graphics.
  • BGM and sound effects.
  • Level select.
  • Customizable game presentation and backgrounds.
  • In-game tutorial.
  • Available in French and English.

User guide


You are a warehouse keeper, you must rearrange the crates and store them in destination areas. You can push the creates in all four directions and push only one crate at a time. Once all the crates have been placed, the level is over and you move on to the next level.


The 500 levels (levels 000 to 499):

  • 56 levels come from the Arcade version: Boxy Boy (c) 11/1990 Thinking Rabbit/Namco.
  • 163 levels of the Sega Game Gear version: Soukoban (c) 1990 Thinking Rabbit/Riverhill Soft.
  • 100 levels - Loma (c) Aymeric du Peloux/François Marques/David Skinner/Sven Egevad/Victor Kindermans/Michael Steins/Frantisek Pokorny/Arpad Fekete/Roger Delaporte.
  • 20 levels - Cosmonotes (c) Aymeric du Peloux.
  • 40 levels - Microcosmos (c) Aymeric du Peloux.
  • 40 levels - Minicosmos (c) Aymeric du Peloux.
  • 40 levels - Nabokosmos (c) Aymeric du Peloux.
  • 20 levels - Picokosmos (c) Aymeric du Peloux.

The final level is created by the developer.

Options menu

This menu allows you to choose 1 background among 6 different backgounds (there is 1 hidden) and 1 sprite set among 6 possibilities.

Cheat code

To unlock the hidden background:

  • Go to the Options menu, keep the X key pressed and press the top left corner of the small table (the one where you can see the walls, character and boxes).
  • Be careful the sensitive area is only 7x7 pixels, a voice will say Excellent if you are successful.


D-Pad or Stylus - Movement

Y - Choose another level

B - Restart level

A - Undo a move (up to 100)

R - Music on/off

L - Pattern on/off

Start - Back to main menu


caisseds2.png caisseds3.png

caisseds4.png caisseds5.png


Update 2008/10/23

  • Fixed 2 levels. The 500 levels are now all checked and finishable (no more doubt about this).

Update 2008/09/13

  • Fixed 40 levels, thanks to Mollusk and the PPC community (logically no more duplicates).

Update 2008/05/16

  • Fixed levels 104 and 130, thanks to Mollusk and the PPC community.

Update 2007/03/03

  • Creation of an icon for the game, thanks for the linker.
  • Press Start at startup to skip the intro screens.
  • Fixed spitting in applause (Thanks J-War from


Aymeric du Peloux, Mollusk, Alekmaul and Reppa.

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