Really Bad Eggs

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Really Bad Eggs

Really Bad Eggs is a remake of Super Foul Egg, itself a clone of Puyo Puyo released for the Commodore Amiga in 1995. Gameplay is similar to Tetris, but instead of figures, they are eggs of different colors.

User guide

How to play

Coloured eggs drop down the screen in pairs. They can be rotated in clockwise and anticlockwise directions. The objective is to arrange eggs of the same colour so that their edges touch and the eggs connect. When four or more eggs of the same colour are connected in a chain, the eggs disappear from the grid and any eggs above them drop down to fill the vacated space. Scores increase dramatically if:

  • More than four eggs are connected in a single chain.
  • Several chains are removed at once.
  • The removal of a chain causes eggs to fall, which in turn makes additional chains of eggs.

Game modes

The game features three basic game types:

  • Single-player practice mode.
    • Play continues until the grid fills with eggs to the point that no more eggs can be placed.
  • Two-player mode against the CPU.
    • Each time chains are made in this mode, garbage eggs are dumped into the opponent's grid.
    • These grey eggs do not connect with other eggs in the grid and can only be removed by creating chains with eggs adjacent to them.
    • The number of garbage eggs generated by chains is related to the number of blocks removed in those chains, so creating more chains, longer chains or sequences of chains will create more garbage eggs.
  • A two player game.
    • Two human players battle it out on one DS.
    • The player on the left uses the up, down, left, right and L buttons. The player on the right uses the A, B, X, Y and R buttons.

Menu options

Game Type:

Choose from the practice game type, the easy/medium/hard player-vs-AI types, or the two-player game.


Choose the speed at which the eggs drop down the grid. Faster speeds mean less time to think.


Choose the starting height. The number corresponds to the rows of garbage eggs added to the grid at the start of the game.

More rows mean the game is initially faster paced and harder.


The number of different colours of eggs in the game.

Each additional colour reduces the chance of a particular colour egg being created, making it more difficult to set up elaborate sequences of egg chains.



D-Pad - Choose from the highlighted options

A - Accept the selected option, Move to the next menu

B - Return to the previous menu

Start - Accept all currently-selected options and skip straight to the game

In game:

D-Pad - Move shapes

A/B - Rotate clockwise/anticlockwise

Start - Pause/unpause: Start

Select - Quit to menu (when paused)

In game (2-player):

Left/Right - Move shape Left/right (player 1)

Down - Drop shape (player 1)

L/Up - Rotate clockwise/anticlockwise (player 1)

Y/A - Move shape left/right (player 2)

B - Drop shape (player 2)

R/X - Rotate clockwise/anticlockwise (player 2)

Start - Pause/unpause

Select - Quit to menu (when paused)


Tested on:

Supercard DSTWO (firmware EOS 1.11)
DSTT/TTDS (firmware 1.17)



  • New release of ReallyBadEggs built using the latest devkitARM.