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Last Updated2007/08/22
LicenseCreative Commons

yPaint is a powerful graphic editing program for the Sony PSP which allows users to edit photoes (up to 512x512 in resolution for PNGs) in PNG or JPG format, or create completely new images in a user-friendly environment.

This is an entry from the Neo Summer Coding Compo 2007 (PSP Applications).


  • Save.
  • Open.
  • USB Mode, for transferring created images.
  • Pencil.
  • Zoom (up to 4x zoom with no quality loss).
  • Brush.
  • Custom Brushes (by Haxxblaster, these are from version 5).
  • Text Input Tool.
  • New Enhanced Keyboard (based on Danzeff, originally by Fuzzie 360).
  • Rectangle Tool.
  • Circle (ellipse) Tool.
  • Random Spray Tool (like the spray in MS Paint).
  • New redesigned interface.
  • Size selection.
  • RGB Colour Editor.
  • Quick Colour Selector.
  • Full Colour Selector.
  • Eraser (Now transparent, not white).
  • Transparency in canvas (save as PNG if you want to keep the transparency).
  • Line Tool.
  • Scroll Tool (to move around canvas).
  • Fill Bucket (fill areas of the same colour, note this feature is slightly buggy).
  • Completely recoded from the ground up.
  • PDF User Manual.
  • settings.cfg for editing settings.

User guide

Note the zoom is made mainly for pixel art, therefore custom brushes will give a bit of an inaccurate preview since the preview is not resized with the canvas.

In settings.cfg, you can edit the save/load directory. Read the PDF manual for more info.

According to the developer there is an Easter Egg in this version of yPaint (Hint: settings.cfg).


Analog - Move the cursor

D-Pad - Change selected option (in menu)

R - Change menu

Triangle - Move image

Cross - Use instrument

Known issues

The zoom may cause a slight lag in the program.

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