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Info Portable
Last Updated2008/08/20

Info Portable is a simple application that displays information about your PSP on the screen, while playing background music. It is available in both English and Spanish, made by Gladiator (aka Gdt).

It was one of the contest entries for the Scenery Beta 2008 (PSP Applications).

User guide

The application will tell you following details in regards to your PSP console.


  • Battery Percent.
  • Voltage Battery.
  • Battery Left Time.
  • Battery Temperature.
  • Charging (yes/no).

Central Process Unit:

  • CPU Frequency.
  • BUS Frequency.

Universal Media Disc:

  • Disc Present (yes/no).

Memory Stick:

  • Free Memory.


  • Varm Size.
  • Vram Adress.
  • Wlan Switch (on/off).
  • Type of Motherboard.
  • Region of your PSP.


Cross - Exit

Circle - Shutdown

Square - Reload

L+R - Overlook all CPU details


Version 2.5

  • Fixed a Bug in the Spanish menu when exiting or shutting down, which did not show the message of exiting or turning off.
  • Added settings menu.
  • Option to delete internet history in settings menu.
  • Possibility of formatting the flash1 in the settings menu.
  • Scenery beta image included in the eboot, it is no longer in "Files", therefore it cannot be replaced.
  • It shows the version of Psp, this will not show if it is Cf or not, but if you are running the application currently (summer 2008) I doubt that you are running it from an ofw. In other words, the version that shows will always be a Cf, be it M33, Se, wildcard, Oe, Hx, Gen, etc.
  • List of error codes.
  • Startup sound on the XMB.
  • Mini menu hidden counter with functions to hide and show videos, music and photos.
  • Added possibility to connect /disconnect Usb.

Version 2.0

  • If you have 5% battery or less, the program warns you.
  • Improved the function of setting the frequencies to the maximum.
  • The message to set the frequencies to maximum will only be displayed if they are not maximum and have not already been changed.
  • Modified the start of the graphics, sound etc so that they all start in a single function from which the rest derive.
  • Shows if it is Ta-088, not before (It is not known if it works, done only by logic).
  • Displays the size of the VRam in Bytes.
  • Displays the address of the Vram. (In Testing).
  • Fixed an Audio Bug.
  • Fixed an error at the end that when displaying the image it would show "coming out" again and the number of decoded audio frames, no longer shows it.
  • Possibility of choosing between Spanish and English languages.
  • Fixed a bug with Mp3.

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