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Recovery Menu T.U
Last Updated2011/02/13

Recovery Menu, also referred as Recovery menu T.U, is a homebrew that works as Recovery menu (in eboot format) coded specifically for HEN and Custom Firmware. It is written by KaZT.U (aka KaZ aka badkaz24 from Team Unknown).

It is featured at the PSP Genesis Competition 2011.


  • Run plugins.
  • Change CPU Speeds.
  • Launch Hellcats Recovery Flasher via RM.
  • Launch TN HEN Via RM.
  • Able to enable/disable USB (partial).

User guide

You can use a number of plugins within this application by place them in ms0:/seplugins/. For example,

  • hold.prx - ms0:/seplugins/hold.prx
  • screenshot.prx - ms0:/seplugins/screenshot.prx
  • Recovery.prx - ms0:/seplugins/Recovery.prx
  • RemoteJoyLite.prx - ms0:/seplugins/RemoteJoyLite.prx

To use hellcats recovery flasher place the /RECOVERY/EBOOT.PBP in the Game Folder.


Tested and works on CFW and HENS of the following:

6.35 Pro
5.00M33/6xx Addon

Developer advised to have the latest/updated HEN to reduce the risk of having problems.



  • Now Working on 6.31/6.35 PRO (Make sure you have the latest version).
  • Now able to access Configuration.
  • Added Systeminformation in configuration.
  • Added Recovery.prx in Plugins (Able to launch CFW Recovery menu).
  • Added VSH Menu in Configuration.
  • Added Reset Device in VSH menu.
  • Added CPU Speed in vshmenu.
  • Added Reboot PSP in advanced.
  • Added Preparations for Fake Region in Configuraton -> Launch VSH Menu.
  • Fixed Some Plugin Problems (some more plugins working).
  • Fixed some bugs in plugins and in the menu.
  • Added ZeroWare Option (A CFW for TN-HEN Developed by NightStar3).
  • Added Install VSH Menu, installs a permanant VSH menu developed by me (KaZT.U) for only HACKABLE PSP'S. DO - NOT ATTEMPT TO INSTALL ON A PSP GO PSP 3000 OR PSP 2000.
  • If Firmware Does not display it will displays as "0x000000".
  • Added Fake Region Menu (now can set region to japan unitedkingdom and others).
  • Added Screenshot Function in Configuration->Vshmenu. Takes a Screenshot in the vshmenu (plan to add L+R = Screenshot but ill see after).
  • Added RemoteJoyLite To Plugins (GAME Plugin - Make sure its RMJL for TN HEN).
  • Fixed a bug in Launching RemoteJoyLite, still might not work though.
  • Changed Redirections to go back to previous options instead of MAIN Menu.

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