Remote Touch DS

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Remote Touch DS
Author(s)Tobias W. Kjeldsen
TypeOperating System

Remote Touch DS gives you the opportunity to remote-control your computers mouse, keyboard and other things from your Nintendo DS hand-held console. This solution is not like remote desktop, but more like an advanced remote control.

The server will run on all systems that is able to run Java applications - this means just about every system possible (Windows, OS X, Linux and other unix variants) - the only problems that could emerge would be with media key key-mappings or shutdown/restart commands.

It was voted the 10th Top DS homebrew in the 2009 best DS homebrew contest.


  • Client and server configuration.
  • Server program must be running on the PC to be controlled.


Remote Touch DS is a client-server based solution. Therefore you will need to have a daemon/server up and running on the computer you want to remote control. The daemon/server is located inside the server folder. You can launch start_server_win.bat on Windows, or on unix systems. You also need to have Java installed on your system.

Download and extract the latest version file.

Copy the /server/ folder from the .zip to the computer you want to control.

Launch start_windows_server.bat and the program will confirm it's running on port 7777.

Extract rtdsclient.nds from the /client/ folder of the .zip to your card.

Run the .nds.

Enter the server's IP address and port number (default 7777).

Note: Make sure you open up port 7777 if your PC has a firewall. Use ipconfig to find out the IP address of your PC.



Known issues

EzFlash Vi not supported (possible partial missing DLDI support)


0.6 major

  • Up on D-pad in "cursor"-mode for middle mouse click.
  • Complete revamped server-backend rewritten in Java with full GUI (will work cross-platform; Windows and OS X/*unix etc.).
  • Add support for custom key-mapping (gamepad-like feature) - configure this with the new server-backend GUI.
  • Custom adjustment of mouse acceleration.

0.3 major

  • Y button in "cursor"-mode for ALT.
  • A button in "cursor"-mode for TAB.
  • X and B in "cursor"-mode for scroll.
  • Adding left/right shoulder buttons to also mimic mouse clicks.
  • Accelerated cursor movements; much like a real touchpad.
  • Fixing problems when reconnecting to the server. You are now able to reconnect to the server without having to restart the server!
  • Implementing a battery-saver feature - when the DS lid is closed.
  • Upgraded to dswifi to 0.3.10. The wifi connection is much more stable now.
  • Corrected X and Y on keyboard and fixed some of the currently missing keys. I have a problem locating all the keys.
  • Added onscreen cursor to the client making it easier to see last cursor position.
  • Removed manual input of server IP and port. You now need to put a "rtds_config.txt" in the root of your cartridge with this data.
  • Server partially rewritten - fixed problem with reconnect.
  • Client GUI features/eyecandy implemented. Also better netcode.

0.2.2 hotfix

  • Minor changes on the server backend - possible problem with shutdown/restart on XP (maybe) fixed.

0.2.1 hotfix

  • Not able to connect properly when manually inputting connection data now fixed.


  • Media Control Extended (MEX) - good for Media Center or similar.
  • Keyboard fully calibrated and working with key press sound for comfort.
  • Remote restart or shutdown of your computer - good for those late night movie sessions where you just want to shutdown your computer directly from the comfort of your bed.
  • Added support for a "rtds_settings.txt" config-file on your cartridge with connection data - look in README.txt for more info.

0.1 first public release

  • Mouse and keyboard support + media play controls. Keyboard needs serious calibration, will be done later.