IFind Luminos with YongoBongo Easy Installer PSP

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iFind Luminos with YongoBongo Easy Installer
AuthorYongobongo, Cronos Studios
Last Updated2007/10/20

iFind Luminos is a revamp of the original iFind Media Portal Application.

The portal comes in two different packages/versions: a ZIP file for manual installation, or an automated installer version (YongoBongo Easy Installer).


  • Passkey Protection (Improved password protection).
  • LiNK Browser (Allows 3 tabs in inside iFind).
  • Fully customizable GUI.
  • Media Browser.
  • Media Player.
  • XDE support.
  • Jukebox.
  • Games (18 in total, expandable through updates/XDE).
  • Applications (11 in total, ditto above) - Iorkara's PSP Links Page.
  • babblr 2.0 (AIM, WLPM and YIM Messenger support).
  • Wallpaper Changer.
  • LiNK Center.
  • Chatrooms.


You can either use the Easy Installer or follow the steps below to install manually:

  • Turn on your PSP and computer and attach your USB cable ends where necessary.
  • Set the PSP to USB mode.
  • Unzip and copy and paste the iFind folder into ms0:/PSP/COMMON.
  • Open up your browser and type file:/PSP/COMMON/iFind/entry.html (default pass is pass).
  • Bookmark this page so you don't need to type the file address again the next time you run it.

User guide


Q. Will this harm my PSP in anyway?

No this is a PSP portal, it just links up pages with fancy stuff to make your PSP Browser experience better.

Q. Why is the file I've download a .RAR/.ZIP?

You will need to extract the contents inside the file using WinRAR, WinZIP or using the Windows extractor. Once downloaded and installed just right click the file and choose extract.

Q. Some games or applications won't load?

You must have Firmware version 2.7+ and you will need to enable flash on your PSP in the settings (you will need a Wifi connection) or enable via the homebrew method which you can download on the downloads page.

Q. iFind simply won't load?

Follow these simple steps:

  • Make sure you have unzipped and placed the iFind folder in the right place. In PSP/COMMON/ (when unzipping, do not unzip the contents into another folder).
  • Check if JavaScript is enabled, if not enable it.
  • Maximize your cache setting to 2048kbs.
  • Make sure you are typing file:/PSP/COMMON/iFind/entry.html into the address bar of the PSP.


Best PSP Portal IFind Luminos (dyudln)



  • Totally revamped GUI.
  • LiNK Browser (fixed bugs and cleaned up coding).
  • Online game database access.
  • LiNK Station.
  • Mobile Mail Centre.
  • Jukebox.
  • Better XDE integration.
  • Cleaned up coding for faster loading.
  • About page with Help.
  • babblr 2.0 integration.
  • New customization features (much more easier to customize).

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