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TypePlatform Shooter

MegaETK is a side-scrolling platforme shooter game for the NDS. Fans of the Mega Man series will find a lot to like about MegaETK, a homebrew game that combines 2D platforming action with minor RPG elements based on Mega Man.

Jump around, blast enemies, take on colorful bosses, save money and burden your little Mega Man clone with a shopping addiction.


  • Nice graphics and gameplay.
  • Complete with many levels, powerups, bosses, music and sound effects.


DLDI patch the .nds file if needed and copy it to the root of your card.

User guide

In a normal day in a normal city, 4 Monsters have appeared on Earth and started to invade everything. Their Leader started to summon small monsters which will be his soldiers.

Dr.ETk started to design MegaETk, the new hero that will kill all the monsters and return the peace to the world.


Left/Right - Move left/right

Down - Crouch

A - Jump

B - Shoot

Y - Aim

R - Change Weapon

L - Shoot

Down+A - Dash

Start - Pause the game

Use stylus to aim (you will need to buy the skill).


A - Accept

B - Return


megaetk4.png megaetk8.png

megaetk2.png megaetk6.png


MegaETK (DS) Gameplay (Shadsen Station)



  • Savefile decryption removed.
  • Fixed for the R4 and M3 Simply and clones.
  • Sound is disabled in the R4/M3S version in order for the touchscreen to work. This is due to a problem with the Modplayer (will fix this next release).
  • Added DLDI Support. Remember to patch.
  • Fixed random freezings for the most part.


  • Fix: Hero movement speed when clicking New Game fixed (not 100% sure).
  • Fix: Fixed the overload in final boss level when there are too many monsters in the screen. (think it's definitely fixed).
  • Fix: Fixed the teleport of the subway from level 7-2.
  • Fix: Fixed 'Shoot x2' item location on level 7-2. Now it's reachable.
  • Fix: Shop doesn't freeze now when you buy all items and try to buy an empty one.
  • Fix: When you enter to a boss area, all shoots in the screen are destroyed. Now you can't get hit by a monster who shot you just before entering the area.
  • New: Now you can skip credits. (Also changed the text to "The End").
  • Others: unabled Level Editor option (just wait a bit more).
  • Others: More Readme language files! Chinese Traditional and Chinese Simplified. Thanks to yeyezai and huimi.


  • Fix: Added compatibility for ezIV and G6 (check no-FAT version). NOTE: can't save/load data.
  • beta: Level Editor started, can change background and tile gfx and test level. nothing more yet.


  • Fix: The problem that was making to stop the music after level 1 ends is fixed now.
  • Fix: Now you can't click 2 options at the same time on the level selection menu.
  • Fix: The problem with the text "+XXX EP" is fixed.. bosses that have more than 32768 will sohw the EP good now.
  • Fix: Changed "Writting file.." for "Writing file.."
  • Fix: Jump power up fixed, you won't jump too much the first time you buy it.
  • Fix: Shop bug that made you able to buy a non-existing item and HP power up again fixed (Now you won't be able to get 1000 HP).
  • Fix: Sound when buying an item 2 times fast corrected (the second one wasn't playing).
  • Changes: First boss will not stop on the right allways now.
  • Changes: The wait time in the screen showing level number and lives for levels X-2,X-3 is shorter now.
  • Added: nofat version to avoid the FAT init and possible crashes for incompatible flashcards.
  • Others: Added readme translated in italian ->"Readme-IT.txt".


Coder: ETk.


Sound: HtheB.

PAlib is used for this project.

Special thanks: dRM, Kagisa, Lupi, Huuf.

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