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AuthorAkop Karapetyan
Last Updated2009/04/07

Fuse PSP is a ZX Spectrum emulator, an 8-bit personal home computer developed by Sinclair Research first released in 1982, for PSP.

It is a port of the Free Unix Spectrum Emulator to the Sony PlayStation Portable platform.


  • Load rom from ZIP files.
  • Custom key mappings.
  • Screen size adjustment.
  • CPU clock frequency adjustment.
  • Show FPS.
  • Screenshots.
  • Save states.
  • Turbo mode.
  • Other miscellaneous options.


Unzip fuse.zip into /PSP/GAME/ folder on the Memory Stick.

User guide

Compressed Disks

As of v0.10, Fuse PSP will load compressed disk (and TRD) images by extracting them to a temporary location, then opening the resulting file.

This means that any changes made to a compressed disk will be lost if you either switch disks, or exit the emulator.

Save State Autoloading

Fuse PSP can be configured to automatically load a saved game whenever a new game is loaded via the Game tab.

To do this, specify one of the save state slots as the Autoload slot (Options tab).

If a saved game exists in the specified slot, it will be automatically loaded.

Virtual keyboard

When the virtual keyboard is on, you can toggle the sticky keys feature (specifically for Shift and Ctrl). This allows Shift and Ctrl all to be held down at the same time while the user presses another virtual button.

Tap the Circle button and the selected virtual button remains held down and press again will release the virtual button.

Button configuration

By default, changes are not retained after button mapping is modified.

Please make sure to save (with Cross button) after desired mapping is configured.


ZX Spectrum:

D-Pad - Cursor keys (CAPS + 7/6/5/8)

Analog - Kempston Joystick Up/Down/Left/Right

Cross - Joystick Fire 1

Square - Enter

Circle - Spacebar

Select - 3

Start - 0

R - Show virtual keyboard

L+R - Return to the emulator menu

Virtual keyboard:

D-Pad - Select virtual button

Square - Press a virtual button

Circle - Hold/release sticky virtual button (e.g. Shift and Ctrl)

Triangle - Unstick all stuck virtual buttons

Button configuration:

Cross - Save changes

Square - Set mapping as the default mapping





Known issues

Fastloading - When fastloading is enabled, Fuse automatically turns off speed limiting when tape loading is in effect. This speeds up the loading process, but it may prevent certain TZX files from loading. If a TZX/TAP file does not load, try disabling fastloading.


v0.10.0.21 2009/04/07

  • Bugfix: Tape/disk status icons should no longer clear when switching between emulator and menu.
  • Added tape browser: can now reposition tape location from the System tab (if a tape is loaded).
  • Added tape rewinding, playback (System tab).
  • Added an option to enable/disable tape traps (fixes games like splATTR).
  • Added program counter (PC) display – enable/disable in the Options tab.

v0.10.0.2 2009/04/05

  • Added on-screen indicators for floppy and tape drives – enable in the Options tab.
  • Fuse updated to; libspectrum updated to
  • Source: ‘aux’ directory has been renamed, and source code can now be checked out under Windows.
  • Bugfix: held keys will be automatically released when the virtual keyboard is displayed.
  • Bugfix: Older (pre-0.10) will now load.
  • Bugfix: Multiple simultaneous L+[button] and R+[button] combination presses will now register correctly.

v0.10.0.1 2009/01/01

  • Fuse updated to version
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.
  • Support for compressed disks (see documentation).
  • Option to enable/disable sound while tape is loading (only works with Fastloading disabled).
  • Option to enable/disable “Issue 2” keyboard support.
  • Extra button options – Square/Cross/Circle/Triangle with L or R trigger held down.
  • Option to enable/disable tape fastloading (some games do not load correctly when enabled).
  • Virtual keyboard: emulation should not lag as much when virtual keyboard is displayed.
  • Added state exporting to other versions of Fuse – press Start while the ‘Save/Load’ tab is selected — an SNA file will be written to the snapshot directory.
  • Virtual keyboard: classic display mode (show when R held down), or toggle mode (show/hide when R is pressed).
  • Tape autoloading.
  • Snapshots are now saved into PSP’s own PHOTO directory (/PSP/PHOTO), and can be viewed in PSP’s image viewer.
  • File selector snapshots – while browsing for games with the file selector, pause momentarily to display the first snapshot for the game.

v0.9.0.26 2008/08/13

  • A Spectrum joystick button/keyboard key can now be assigned to multiple PSP buttons.
  • Sticky key status will now be correctly reset when the virtual keyboard is toggled on/off.

v0.9.0.25 2008/07/28

  • Fixed a bug in the sound rendering engine that would cause occasional slowdowns.
  • Added various game image types missing from the initial release.
  • New virtual keyboard.
  • Added monitor type selection (color/grayscale).
  • Fixed a serious memory leak, which would manifest itself when opening ZIP files.
  • Fixed the “tape loading hang” bug.
  • Added +3 support.
  • Added Kempston joystick support.
  • Added “hack cursor” support (keyboard up/down/left/right).
  • Lots of code reshuffling.

v0.9.0.1 2008/07/13

  • Initial release.


Philip Kendall and the Fuse team - Fuse.

Special thanks to Hungry Horace and Carl Murray for the helpful comments and feedback.

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