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Stuck Pixel Fixer
AuthorDamian Yerrick
Last Updated2005/07/17
TypeSystem Tools

This GBA program is used to quickly cycle colors on the screen of a GBA or a GBA SP, either screen of a Nintendo DS, or an LCD TV connected to a GameCube with a Game Boy Player, in order to get "stuck" pixels to start responding.

If your GBA's display has pixels that are stuck lit or stuck dark, this program may be able to coax them into working again. It does not work on completely dead pixels.

Warning: This program works by rapidly cycling the color of the screen. It may trigger seizures in people sensitive to flashing lights. If you have a seizure disorder, make sure to turn over your GBA or close your GBA SP or Nintendo DS when prompted to do so. If you are using a Game Boy Player and you are photosensitive, have somebody else run the program for you. See your health care professional for more information on photosensitive epilepsy.

User guide

Run the program on your machine and follow the on-screen prompts.

Please make sure to turn over your console and keep minors away while running the program, as the flashing colors may cause discomfort and trigger epilepsy attacks.


You'll need a GBA flash card (such as Flash2Advance or EFA-Linker), a GBA Movie Player, or (if you're not using a Nintendo DS) a multiboot method (such as MBV2, XBOO, or the F2A cable).

It also works on LCD TVs through a GameCube and Game Boy Player.

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