Pokemon Battle

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Pokemon Battle
TypeRole Playing

Pokemon Battle (French) is a DS homebrew Pokemon fan game. It is programmed in LUA and you will have to run the game with file myluads400.nds.

Note: The latest version is 0.8 is stilling on-going, version 0.74 is a more complete version. It is also available for SegaCD and Wii (Alpha).


  • Compete against six Pokemons.
  • 4 game modes.


Download and extract file.

Copy lua file directly and .nds file to the root directory of the card.

User guide

Choose the Pokemon that you want to fight against and accept.


LUA menu:

A - OK

Stylus - Select the game

In game:

Stylus - Choose Pokemon, Choose attack

Start - Back to the LUA menu

A - Accept the battle




Tested on:

Games n 'Music (DLDI v2.0 firmware 1.3)
NDSTT (firmware 1.17a12)


Demo 0.8 PreAlpha

  • Changing the fighting engine, it is much better than its predecessor but will not have translations.
  • Sound effects are not yet set and the opponent has only one attack.
  • Master completely the VRAM and then you'll get better graphics. Expect version 0.8 beta and see.

Demo 0.74

  • Adding a menu with four modes:
    • A-League.
    • Free mode.
    • Multiplayer.
    • Army BEAUTIFLY.
  • Fixed some bugs.

Demo 0.72

  • The addition of English, Spanish, German and Italian.
  • Some bug fixes.
  • Adding Sound Effect.

Demo 0.7

  • Multiplayer mode available.
  • Pokemon 2 were added and the sprites of Pokemon Pearl / Diamond returned.
  • You should no longer encounter errors of RAM.
  • The game has its own icon.
  • WiFi support was removed because it is buggy.

Demo 0.61

  • The download is now available via Wifi.
  • Everything is stated in the game for download via Wifi.

Demo 0.6

  • Removed the card and replace the sprites from Diamond and Pearl by those of Ruby/Sapphire for reasons of RAM. (Thank Micro lua)
  • Now there is no problem of RAM.
  • Had to make a choice between a game and nice buggy and a game not too bad and works.

Demo 0.5

  • Electrode is available.
  • The game is simple to install and more néssecite microlua.
  • Some bugs are resolved including the Lightning attack.
  • The AI ​​has been improved.
  • Constrained not to put music WORLD MAP for reasons of RAM.

Demo 0.4

  • The game is now optimized.
  • The sound quality was dropped to avoid problems of RAM.
  • Charizard is now available.

Demo 0.3

  • We can now beat Jolteon and Scyther in the choosed on a map.
  • The combat system has changed for reasons of VRAM.

Demo 0.1

  • Pikachu is only available.