Sniff jazzbox

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Author(s)AND-OR (René Bauer, Beat Suter), Johannes Auer

Sniff_jazzbox is a complex mesh of language and music interaction between human being, machine and wireless communication, between physical motion, real-time data capturing, streaming, musical notation and programming.

It creates an audible city. it converts the wlan-waves into sound waves. The wlan conversion uses a stream-search algorithm which was also used in stream-fishing and search-songs.


  1. Download and extract file
  2. Copy it to the root directory of the card

User guide

It captures the wlans in the immediate area like a wardrive-tool and produces a stream of wlan-names. this stream of words might be understood as a subconscious expression of the presently existing communication networks. sniff_jazzbox renders private data visible, translates it and makes it audible as a melody of yearning for contact and exchange.

The names of the captured hotspots contain playable tones of the musical notation system (c, d, e, f, g, a, h, c, fis, ces ...). as you walk, ride or drive through town you will inevitably encounter loads of hotspots which are accessible for your little machine. sniff_jazzbox is made for the portable Nintendo DS and NDS, it registers all the hotspots and turns them into music. Try it out! Walk through your neighbourhood or any town - preferably in the evening - and hear the wireless and invisble communication around you!