GBAMP Multiboot

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GBAMP Multiboot
Author(s)Tim 'Mighty Max' Seidel
TypeHomebrew Loader
Version31 Oct 2005

With GBAMP Multiboot, you will be able to run several different homebrew applications and games from only one CompactFlash-Card without using a computer every time you wish to change the active game.

GBAMP Multiboot delivers an easy to use interface to select and start your homebrew.

User guide


  • A firmware-flashed NintendoDS or NintendoDS with PassMe.
  • GBAMP (GBA Movie Player v2 from movieadvance), flashed with Chishm's firmware v2.
  • A compatible CF-Card (FAT-formatted).

Download and extract all files of this archive to CF-Card with mb_data and _boot_mp.nds in the root directory.

Copy the NDS files to run onto the card.

Plug CF-Card into the GBAMP and the GBAMP into DS.


Up/Down - Select file

A - Enter sub-directories, Continue

B - Return to the parent-directory

Start - Load

Select - Abort


2005/10/31 19:45

  • Added icon transparency, pixel #0 (upper left) will be taken as key color.
  • Added loading bar. A little blue bar is moving, to let you know that it's not yet crashed.

2005/10/19 18:15

  • Fixed first file shown as dir.
  • Added first functions for an upcoming * secret* feature.
  • Fixed crash in CacheDir().
  • Fixed possible crash in the continue screen.
  • Sorted filelist.

2005/10/15 23:45

  • Added a build count. current build is no 4.
  • Fixed a blackscreen bug in the bootup code.
  • Continue screen is now customizeable.
  • Keys can be changed now.

2005/10/09 18:45

  • Screen now updates before scroll delay on touch.
  • Fixed continue screen on CF removal.
  • Fixed a bug that did not return to the last viewed dir.
  • Added a simple txt/ini viewer.

2005/10/08 21:25

  • Enabled FileListSize parameter.
  • Added FileListColor_R/G/B parameters.
  • Added Description* parameters.
  • Added Icon* parameters.
  • Added font.ini for font customizations.
  • Hidden files or folders don't show in list anymore.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented a reload of multiboot.
  • Added a parameter to list the files vertical centered.
  • Touchscreen selection scrolls now correct.

More changelog can be found here.