Reno Studio Neo Compo

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Reno Studio Neo Compo
Author(s)Wang Nannan

Reno draw is a notepad and drawing software on DS. Drawing features painting brushes, paint bucket, and several special effect tools and some other functions. Notepad supports handwriting in English and Pinyin.

This homebrew was submitted to the NEO Spring Coding Compo 2008, ranked 7th.


  • notepad allows typing,reading and editing articles
  • Pinyin input system
  • drawing software
  • high flexibility

User guide


Includes painting brushes, paint bucket, and several special effect tools.

You can edit while enlarging, the max multiple is 16. Works can be saved in BMP format.


Contains Pinyin input system. Pinyin input system supports AI distinguish, you do not have to enter the full text, and supports custom phrases. Under Pinyin mode, you can press Enter directly after finish entering, just as the way input in English.

The software supports custom skin. There are 10 sets of skins under the Skin folder, respectively skin0-skin9. It memo also supports HTML text editing, you can delete all the labeled part in a page, and just leave the texts.

When reading, it will convert the texts from WIN format to RS(Unix) format automatically.

When you close the cover of NDS ,passages will be saved as RSDAIJI.TXT automatically.



If you have MK6, can draw by swaying the machine while holding Down Key. The pictures will rotate as well if you rotate your machine while enlarging.


A - switch language

D-Pad - turn pages

X combined with stylus - copying, pasting, deleting, and shearing in article (hold X for 1 second quit to normal mode)

B - browsing mode (can use D-pad/keys/L/R if uses MK6)

R - insert data or time

L/R - scrolling file list under page of inputing file's name

Touch the blank part of the lower screen - preview

A - selected