A7800DS Phoenix Edition

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A7800DS Phoenix Edition
AuthorDave Bernazzani (wavemotion)
Last Updated2021/11/06

a7800DS is an Atari ProSystem 7800 console emulator, based on a7800DS by Alekmaul.

The goal for this particular emulator is to get as many games as close to perfectly playable as possible. Nothing else matters if the game won't run at near full speed with all the gameplay in-tact. Minor screen glitches or minor sound issues are secondary to making sure the game will actually run.

If you're looking for a highly accurate emulator for the 7800 ProSystem, try MAME/MESS. But if you're looking to enjoy some classic 7800 console goodness on your DS/DSi then look no further.


  • Most things you should expect from an emulator.
  • Sound is good except for the few games that run below 60FPS.
  • Add highscore.rom for 7800 High Score saving.
  • Can run full speed on DSi/3DS. Slow on DS LiteP/Phat.


To use this emulator, you must use compatibles rom with a78/bin format.

Place the .nds file on your SD card and launch with Twilight Menu++ or Unlaunch.

If you want to run on a flash cart, it might work (recommend HBMENU to launch).

Note: It is strongly recommend you use NTSC roms. PAL ones have more scanlines and will render more slowly and since the sound core is tied to scanlines, the sound will be wrong.

User guide

When the emulator starts, click on the cartridge slot to choose a file.

High Score Saving

High Score Saving works if you have highscore.rom (exact name and case). This can be in /roms/bios/, /data/bios/ or in the same directory as the emulator.

Note that you must press the HSC button if you want to snap the Saved Scores out to the flash card. The high scores will also auto-save if you quit the emulator or select a new game.

Compatibility List


Up/Down - Select a file

A - Load file


D-Pad - Joystick

A - Fire button 1

B - Fire button 2

Select - Select Button

Start - Pause Button

X - FPS Display

Y - Fire Button 1 (for those that prefer not using A)

L/R+D-Pad - Used to Shift Offsets and Scale Screen to desired ratio

Use stylus on buttons for other actions on bottom screen.


a7800dswav3.png a7800dswav4.png


The emulation of the ProSystem is tricky as there are several CPU-like elements that need to be emulated (6502, TIA, RIOT, Pokey Chip) and the DS Lite just doesn't have the horsepower to do it properly so only the smallest non-Pokey games will run (Asteroids, Centipede, Joust, Meteor Shower, Moon Cresta, Ms Pac Man).

The DSi will run most games at near full speed or beyond, with much higher emulation compatibility.


V3.0 2021/11/06

  • Reworked sound output core so it's now zinger-free.
  • Refresh of bottom screen - improved font and button debounce.

V2.9 2021/11/03

  • Fixed loading of large SUPER CART roms.

V2.8 2021/11/02

  • A bit of speed - enough to eliminate the old DS-LITE version.
  • A few new homebrews added to the internal database.
  • Optmized sound buffers for (very) slightly better performance.
  • highscore.rom can now bin in /roms/bios or /data/bios.
  • Cleanup code as time permitted.

V2.7 2021/04/02

  • New support for the latest homebrews: Galaxian final.
  • Added ability to swap screens using L+R+A.

V2.6 2021/04/02

  • Faster directory/file listing.
  • Support for the latest homebrews: Galaxian and Popeye.
  • Improved scaling and offset handling using L/R + Arrow Keys to match other emulators.

V2.5 2021/01/15

  • Added .A78 header naming search and as a backup filename search to help properly identify the game being loaded so that the right settings can be applied.

V2.4 2021/01/08

  • Improvement in bank switching allowing most games to run 60FPS.

V2.3 2021/01/06

  • Fixed large cart support so 512kb games run fine.
  • Fixed voice in Frenzy/Berzerk.
  • Fixed graphical glitches in Alien Brigade.
  • Optmized bank switching so more big games run smoothly.
  • Added default difficulty switches for the few games that need them.
  • Lots of cleanups as time permitted.

V2.2 2021/01/05

  • More memory tweaks - faster processing of memory for another 5% speedup.

V2.1 2021/01/03

  • Now using DTCM and VRAM for some key memory areas to speed up the emulator almost 10%.

V2.0 2021/01/01

  • Pokey and TIA sound core reworked to provide sound that is worth listening to.
  • Please run on a DSi, DSi-XL/LL or 3DS. You won't be happy with the performance on a DS-LITE/PHAT.

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