South Africa World Cup 2010 DS Manager

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South Africa World Cup 2010 DS Manager

A manager/ calendar application that lets you to manage the schedule and results of your favorite teams participating in the grandest stage in football, the FIFA World Cup.


  1. Unzip the archive and copy the file on flash card
  2. Copy the folder / SAWCMDS at the root of flash card.

User guide

The menu:

Group management allows preliminaries.
Round of management allows games of knockout.
Quarterfinals allows management games quarterfinals.
Semifinals allows the management of semi-final games.
Finals allows the management of large and small final.
Stages can get information on the 10 stadiums that will be played every game.
Teams can get information about the 32 teams that participles in the World Cup.

Southafricanworldcupds2.png Southafricanworldcupds3.png


Up/Down - up and down

L/R - page up/down

Stylus - select games

Eraser - Cancel the result of a match, cancel a match played.

Known Issues

Delete the outcome of a match a team that has played a test can create a higher overflow structure.


Version 1.03 (25-06-2010)

  • Bug fixes to the quarterfinals, the semis and finals.

Version 1.02 (23-06-2010)

  • Fixed various bugs.

Version 1.01 (10-06-2010)

  • Correction of the Spanish translation of the application loading via wifi.
  • Updated pictures of the 32 teams.

Version 1.00 (28-05-2010)

  • Support DLDI.
  • Automatic backup.
  • 5 languages (English, French, German, Spanish and Italian).
  • Manual management scores.
  • Hours, dates, locations 64 games.
  • Automatic classification of hens.
  • Automatic qualification (hens and finals).
  • Updated results via a WiFi connection.
  • Photos and information (city, capacity, construction, architects) of the 10 stages.
  • Photos and information (Coach, founded in, number of holdings, number of title world champion, fifa ranking, color jerseys) of 32 teams.