Touhou DS

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Touhou Fangame DS
Version0.9 (7 Jan 2010)

TouhouDS is a homebrew space shooter based on Touhou, which is a series of danmaku shooting games made by Team Shanghai Alice.

From v0.9 onwards it's possible to write scripts in LUA (manual).


Put the TouhouDS folder inside the root folder of your flashcard.

Run TouhouDS.nds.

User guide

In TouhouDS all stages are packaged in bundles (games). A game contains a number of routes, and these routes contain the stages.

Routes can be used to create difficulty settings, but also to create (unlockable) extra stages.


D-Pad - Move

Y - Fire

B - Focus

R - Bomb


touhouds6.png touhouds2.png

touhouds.png touhouds3.png

touhouds4.png touhouds5.png


Tested and works in emulator Desmume.


v0.9 2009/12/27 (compiled on 2010/01/07)


  • On-screen keyboard was broken.


  • Added support for writing scripts in LUA.
  • Update to tools (new TextureConverter & repository creation tool).
  • Improved collision system which lifts the maxsize=64x64 restriction and gives a choice between line-segment and circle collision shapes.
  • Added sixth stage + new playable character.
  • Added the option to change starting lives.

v0.8.2 2009/05/21


  • Game crashed after a certain number of spellcards.


  • Decreased memory usage and memory fragmentation
  • References to spellbooks cache their results for better performance.

v0.8.1 2009/05/14


  • The score screen's scrollpane didn't start out showing the highest score.
  • The game selection on the score screen didn't work properly.
  • Fixed a memory leak in the sound manager.
  • Objects with hitbox=0 would still cause collisions.


  • Support for multiple/selfmade download repositories
  • Deathbombing no longer requires 2 bombs and after dying there's a small period where bombing is disabled to avoid losing a bomb because you were too late trying to deathbomb.
  • Nicer character select screen.
  • Added a fifth stage + small improvements to older stages.
  • Added Sanae as a character.

Scripting language:

  • Added _for, size, drawAngle commands.

v0.8 2009/03/20


  • The installation checker was broken andcaused a red screen of death in case of an invalid installation.
  • Fixed an rare case where the collision detection would fail.
  • After losing your lives, selecting restart but cancelling the confirmation would erroneously give the option to continue playing.
  • Graphical glitches occurred when using master spark.


  • Improved sound effects.
  • Background plane tilted in 3D.
  • Added deathbombing.
  • Added Youmu & Yuka as playable characters.
  • Gave Sakuya a proper bomb.
  • Added a wifi config screen.
  • Added a fourth level.
  • 10~20% performance increase.

Scripting language:

  • Animation support (boss, object, shot).
  • Support for playing sound effects.
  • Commands added to allow for character conversations. You can specify a default conversation and/or specific conversations depending on the selected player character.
  • Stricter type-checking in the script compiler, better error reporting.

v0.7 2008/11/17


  • Shows an error message instead of silently crashing in the case of a broken installation.
  • The current score was added to the list of high-scores twice if you used restart or quit after losing all your lives.
  • Pausing the game stopped the music, it now only stops sound effects.
  • After completing all stages, the game sometimes crashed.
  • Script errors in stages other than the first weren't shown to the user.
  • After a boss' spellcard finishes, -all- enemy projectiles are now destroyed, not just those of the ENEMY_SHOT type.
  • Instead of overwriting the default textures, user-specified textures were added -after- the existing textures. This limited the max. texture memory to 32KB.


  • Internal script compiler now does basic type-checking.
  • Meaningful error messages in the script compiler.
  • Added (beta) support for downloading additional characters from within the game using wifi.
  • Rewrote a large portion of the scripting manual.
  • Support for multiple routes per game. Routes are commonly used to create a selectable difficulty setting.
  • The score overview shown at the end of every stage works now.
  • Both stages and routes can now be locked/unlocked. Read the manual for more info.
  • Added a third stage.

v0.6 2008/09/29


  • Fixed a memory leak in the parser. Some temporary memory wasn't released correctly which caused the program to run out of memory prematurely.
  • Using the restart button several times caused the game to hang. This doesn't happen anymore now the memory leak in the parser has been resolved.
  • After exiting a level using the quit option, sprites would get bugged. For example, transparent areas would turn white or certain images would be flipped.
  • Fixed a text-positioning bug in the text renderer.
  • Calling a spell or object from another script file didn't work.


  • Replaced the player and enemy graphics by larger and better looking ones.
  • Improved hitbox-center-indicator visibility.
  • Better antialiasing for the DS buttons on the options screen.
  • Added scores and hi-scores. Hi-Scores are saved per game, difficulty, character.
  • The game now shows a Restart/Quit selection when you lose all your lives instead of just continuing.
  • You can now have more than one level.
  • The default textures can be overridden on a per-level basis.
  • Added a command to the scripting language that can change the background music.
  • Reimu now has homing bullets.