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Balik Bayan DevWifi
AuthorSoulanger, Filipino Brewed Coffee
Last Updated2008/08/21

BB DevWifi lets you send files on your PC to your DS via WiFi and then automatically runs it. This would certainly help fellow developers.You can also send normal files, then ignores about running it.

It works with DS motion and the server was made only for windows.

This homebrew was an entry of the NEO Summer Coding Compo 2008 and ranked 7th.


Extract all files to your root.

Run the server (Balik Bayan Server.exe) and copy your IP adress below the start server. or similar.

Go to your sdcard:_soulanger, then open defaultIP.txt with your notepad.

Erase and change it with your IP address here.

Now put your sd card in your cart then run Balik Bayan DevWifi.nds.


User guide

Go to the server (Balik Bayan Server.exe) and press start. If the window freezes it would now wait for your DS to enter. Go back to your DS make sure that the IP is correct then tap enter or press A.

If you have done correctly the server would now stop freezing, and display "Recieved...hi server!!".

Note that "Connection successful" does not confirm if it got in. The only confirmation is that the freezing is gone. If you did not connect correctly you can always press B to return.

You can now drop files to the server, or browse then upload. If it's an NDS file it would automatically run. If not you can sent another file.

It saves the file to the /_soulanger/receivedFiles/ folder. There is also a defaultIP.txt that you can edit, that would make your sending easier and faster.

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