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Version0.3 Final

SunDEVis making a DS homebrew application that allows you to see all the info of NDS rom on your DS. It also allows you to download the new releases (when they come out that is) by wifi-connection.

SunOLv0.2 alpha was part of the NEO Spring Coding Compo 2008, ranked 6th. Ir was entered into the 2009 best DS homebrew contest.


  • With SunOL you can view all the Nintendo DS official releases.
  • you can get different informations for each game : the LOGO(32*32), the BOXART and one SCREENSHOT.
  • All these informations are stored on the memory card (Approximately 150MB (!!) for the full version and only 7MB for the last 100 games)
  • it can be updated using Wi-Fi.
  • SunOL is almost 100% skinnable (the default skin is ubuntu).


  1. Donload the file
  2. Unzip the files to the root of your card and patch the *.nds with DLDI.

(The *.nds file can be put wherever you want on the memory card.)


While viewing the rom list:

L/R - switch to other informations about the selected rom

UP/DOWN - scroll the rom list

LEFT/RIGHT - scroll the rom list by 10 roms

X - bookmark or unbookmark the selected rom

Stylus - tap a button, tap a rom within the list (bookmark or unbookmark by tapping star), scroll the list

In the configuration menu:

L/R - change the selected theme

A - save


11-11-08 -> v0.3 final : Final release

New :

  • Add a theme selector (this version is published with 3 themes by 59HXC)
  • Add a bookmark feature

Modifications :

  • moved skin.ini to theme.ini (this file is different)
  • Engine fully rebuilt more efficient

Bug fixes :

  • the rebootlib is downgraded to the older one (SunOL will now work on R4&co)

#31-08-08 -> v0.3 beta : Gbatemp bounty

New :

  • Add a new rebootlib -> reboot should now works on R4&co

Modifications :

  • Folder structure
  • Some skin.ini names

Bug fixes :

  • Some keyboard bugs
  • Some other bugs

20-08-08 -> v0.2 alpha : Summer 2008 NeoCompo second release

New :

  • Update of SunOL application via wifi
  • Add a powerfull search function
  • Add a virtual keyboard
  • Compression database

Modifications :

  • Engine fully rebuilt more efficient
  • Improve skinnage possibilities
  • Improve Ubuntu skin

Bug fixes :

  • Fixed screenshots download problem
  • Many minor bugs

17-04-08 -> v0.1 alpha : First public release


SunDEV team