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DrugWars DS
Last Updated2006/02/24

DrugWars DS is a remake of the classic DrugWars played on several platforms. It is a text rpg where you play a drug dealer who needs to make quick cash and pay off the loan shark. City images and effects with dual backgrounds are added. This uses LibFB to render its text, backgrounds, and sprites.

It was an entry to the NEO Coding Compo 2005 and was ranked 9th.

User guide

Starts out with some money and a loan to pay off. The amounts differ based on the difficulty. Based on options, you have 30, 60, or 90 days (based on selection in options) to pay off the loan and make as much money as you can as a drug dealer.

The basic concept is: buy low, sell high.

Certain random events can happen that affect your health, inventory, or the price of drugs currently. Do not underestimate the power of keeping money in the bank, but be careful as the feds have been known to seize accounts.

When the game is over, your total score of money on hand as well as money in the bank will be displayed.


A - Advance to next menu, Confirm options

B - Go back to previous menu

Up - Add 1 drug to buy/sell, +$20 to deposit/withdrawal

Down - Subtract 1 drug to buy/sell, -$20 to deposit/withdrawal

L - Add 10 drugs to buy/sell, +$100 to deposit/withdrawal

R - Subtract 10 drugs from buy/sell, -$100 from deposit/withdrawal

X - Add $1000 to deposit/withdraw amount

Y - Subtract $1000 from deposit/withdraw amount

If you forget a control mid-game, they are listed at the bottom of each screen.


drugwarsds2.png drugwarsds3.png

drugwarsds4.png drugwarsds5.png


Recommend playing this on the hardware, compatible with a flashed firmware via Wireless MultiBoot.



  • Fixed random ATM noises on main screen.
  • Added icon and description.
  • Changed Seattle picture.
  • Fixed ending screen quirks.
  • Cursor now remembers the position when you go back in menus.


  • Updated the drugwars.nds link to point to the new binary instead of the old.


  • Completely revamped version that uses dual screens far better than originally.
  • A total redesigned banking system also makes for easy deposits and withdraws.
  • Inventory and Prices menus have been consolidated.
  • Random sound effects have been added.


  • Reposted compile to ensure compatibility with new libfb.


  • Updated to use new features in libfb.

Version 1.04 2005/08/12

  • Fixes a few things with music as well as gives you more options for the music.
  • Tweaked the interface some more.

Version 1.03 2005/08/11

  • Sound Thanks to Deku.
  • A few requested features that streamline navigation and deposit/withdraw.


  • Updated arm9.c to not include the framebuffer library and created the necissary library files to link to libfb.
  • To compile, just put the libfb files into libnds directories or create a new directory and add to your link paths.

Version 1.02 2005/08/05

  • Got rid of unneeded buffers which resulted in a faster load time.
  • Put in button repeating for L/R and Up/Down buttons.

Version 1.01 2005/08/05

Version 1.0 2005/08/05


The framebuffer library and the game is written from scratch, using only memory as to how the game was played, and some statistics off of the DEA's page on current drug prices.

Special thanks to dovoto and dsboi of #dsdev.

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