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Glubies Planet DS
Last Updated2009/03/19
VersionAlpha 1.25

Glubies Planet is an action/reflexion homebrew game on the Nintendo DS. In this alpha version, you can play the first 11 levels.

It was presented in the NEO Spring Coding Compo 2009 and ranked 1st, Game section. It was voted the 9th Top DS homebrew in the 2009 best DS homebrew contest.


  • Discover the whole glubies' world in the Campaign mode.
  • Dozens of levels mixing two game phases.
  • The reflexion phase, in which you analyse the level and place some objects to help your creatures.
  • The action phase, in which you use the properties of your objects to reach the exit with the more glubies as possible.
  • Solve the enigmas. Get through the ravines and avoid the traps.
  • Play restlessly in the Experimentations mode.
  • Get through the ten growing difficulty levels without any slacking and collect as many points as you can.
  • In the Secondary Effects mode, play in the bonus levels unlocked in the Campaign mode.


Slot-1 Linkers:

Copy the GlubiesPlanetDS_alpha1.25.nds file on your linker.

Emulator Version:

Use No$gba to run the GlubiesPlanetDS_alpha1.25_emu.nds file. Select opengl in 3D renderer emulator setup.

User Guide

Glubies are little and cute creatures, but they are so stupid! You have to guide some Glubies through several levels with the help of a couple of items and solve some of the puzzles needed to reach the goal.


Synaptic is the world leader in the pharmaceutic field.

Its last top-secret research is about to revolution the medecine, glubies are born. Glubies are the product of the fusion between organic cells and high performances nanorobots. The properties of cells such as antibodies, added to the nanorobots intelligence, make the cell healing factor multiply by 1000! Recent studies show that glubies could heal every known desease!

The creatures (of size of a millionth of millimeter), are stored on a mini robotic planet specially build for that, the Glubb planet. Young promising neurosciences scientist, you just become part of the team. One night, fallen asleep at your desk, you are waking up by the lab alarm. You run inside just in time too see a shadow silhouette run off.

Few... Luckily, the planet was not stolen and is still in its force field. But... Where are the glubies??!! Crossing the planet surface with the computer help, you find that an unknown IT virus attacked the system and that it killed more than 90% of the glubies global population!

Quick! No time to loose! You need to save the survivors and find out how to stop that evil program...


The gameplay takes place in 2 phases:

  • The Reflexion Phase - Analyse the level and place some objects to help your creatures.
  • The Action Phase - Use the properties of your objects to reach the exit with the more glubies as possible.

Solve the enigmas, get through the ravines and avoid the traps.


D-Pad/A/B/X/Y - Move the camera

Stylus - Select/place/rotate an object, Select/drag a Gluby

Select - Retry the current level

Start - Pause menu


glubiesplanetds2.png glubiesplanetds3.png


Gameplay example.


Glubies Planet is optimized to be executed on a SuperCard DS One. So it works very well with this linker.

It also works with a R4 if you use YS Menu.

With other linkers, you could have some troubleshooting, like black screen or non working stylus.


Alpha 1.25 2009/03/19

  • Added menu to keep placed items after retrying a level.
  • Added stats screen when the player win a level.
  • Added intro splash screen for NEO Compo Spring 2009.
  • Enhanced stylus detection when objects and Glubies rotate.

Alpha 1.2 2009/02/13

  • Added language selection menu.
  • Added english translation.
  • Added language auto detect.
  • Added profil name auto detect.
  • Added the "select" button to retry the current level.
  • Added the level 11.
  • Fixed savegame bug.
  • Fixed orientable objects icons bug.
  • Updated "Jumper" pushing properties : 1 height unit and 1 forward unit.
  • Updated level 8, 9 and 10 according to new "Jumper" properties.
  • Updated level 8 to be easier.

Alpha 1.1 2009/01/13

  • First public version of the game.

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