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SMBZ-DS is a DS recreation of a one-on-one fighting game made by Zethros, named SMBZ-G, both of which are fangames of the Super Mario Bros. Z animated Flash series from Newgrounds by Alvin-Earthworm.

This remake also has some unique features such as MP3 playback and was made using the author's own fork of MicroLua DS.

User guide

It currently ships with 2 characters and 11 different stages from the series to choose from.

Each character has their own slew of attacks and combos.

Command list for Mario

Command Move (note)
Neutral Jab combo (press B repeatedly)
Up neutral/Up air Uppercut
Down neutral Hook punch
Air Smack down
Down air Eagle kick (when you hit your opponent, you flip off them; you can move while flipping)
Z-neutral Hammer hop
Z-up neutral/Z-up air Super jump punch
Z-down neutral Hammer smash (breaks through player guard)
Z-air Hammer meteor smash (breaks through player guard)
Z-down air Ground pound

Command list for Sonic

Command Move (note)
Neutral Jab combo (press B repeatedly)
Up neutral/Up air Flip kick
Down neutral Sweep kick (attacks from both sides, jump while Sonic is in a handstand for a cool trick)
Air Tornado kick
Down air Down kick
Z-neutral Spin dash (hold to charge, enough charge will make Sonic go in a big burst of speed)
Z-up neutral/Z-up air Bounce
Z-down neutral Flash kick
Z-air Sonic eagle
Z-down air Dive kick


Main menu:

D-Pad - Switch menu elements

A - Select

B - Go back

In game:

D-Pad - Move

A - Jump

B - Attack

L/R - Z-trigger

L/R+B - Z-attack (for heavier attacks)

Y - Shortcut for Z-attack

X - Guard/block

Start - Exit to character select


smbzds2.png smbzds3.png

smbzds4.png smbzds7.png


SMBZ-G: Development Demo (Nov 2017) (ZethrosIG)

Known issues

  • Chances of Guru Meditation Errors on "Set fighter 1" loading screen, or when exiting a stage.
  • Slight FPS drops on the new stage.



  • New stage: yoshi_forest_reboot (Episode 2 of the SMBZ reboot, Yoshi VS Metallix).
  • Added a distance limit between the two players (can't go too far away from other player).
  • Fixed "No slots left" crash error (or crash to MicroLua's file explorer) when the game loads the main menu after a fight between two same characters finishes.
  • Added a custom crash screen so the game doesn't go straight away to the file explorer.
  • Added "Set fighter X to char" loading screens.
  • Optimized FPS in the underground stage.
  • Lots of Lua optimizations in the underlying code to try and boost FPS:.
  • All separate BGs in a stage are now put in a single MicroLua canvas object instead of having their own canvas object.
  • A lot of local variables.
  • stage.lua definitions make more use of table indexes as numbers instead of string indexes (they're faster).


  • New stage: doomship_outside (from Episode 8, when the plane is nearing Bowser's Doomship).
  • You can no longer attack during the initial Ready countdown.
  • Made attack input more responsive for pressing repeatedly or right before countdown ends.
  • Fixed bug where player would still have guarding sprite frame when hurt.
  • Nerfed CPU player difficulty (added delay before attacking, no more spamming).
  • Added from SMBZ-G: Player that connects a hit is drawn to the front, and the victim is drawn to the back.
  • Fixed a tiny pixel in Mario's hurt sprite.
  • Fixed Mario's "Hammer Meteor Smash" move (Z air) to be un-guardable (the AI was reacting to it being un-guardable even though it wasn't).
  • Fixed some spritesheet issues on Sonic's spindash and bounce animations.
  • Fixed some frame drops and the aforementioned random crashes (as it turns out, it was the custom WAV player I implemented).
  • Also added the "uLibrary" dependency for compiling the source code.

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