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Cristal Sky
AuthorMiguel Arber (Arbr)
Last Updated2010/09/05
TypeOperating systems
Version01092010cs demo

Cristal Sky is a PSP shell that simulates the Windows Vista Operating System coded by Miguel Arber (aka Arbr).

The project was initially published as Cristal Vista, also know as Cristal Vista Portable. It was then modified and released as Cristal Sky, a copyright free edition of Cristal Vista. This edition offers multi-language option and was re-programmed from scratch, however a number of features has been removed.

This was one of the contest entries for the Neo Retro Coding Compo 2010 (Retro APP, 9th place) and the Scenery Beta 2010 (PSP Applications, 1st place).


  • New graphical environment.
  • Can open multiple windows just like on the desktop.
  • Customisable desktop background (5 available and 1 transparent).
  • Notepad (PSP NOTES).
  • Improved file browser.
  • New MP3 player.
  • New image viewer.
  • Help Center.
  • Analog clock and weather gadgets in real time.
  • Multilanguage (Spanish, English and Portuguese).


Install it on your PSP and execute it form your XMB.

User guide

Use it just like PC. The desktop screen has elements including a taskbar, icons for several applications, start menu and sidebar.

You can find a full tutorial from the official website or here (in Spanish).


D-Pad/Analog - Move cursor

Cross - Click

L/R - Move up or down the list of the directories (file explorer)

Select - Screenshot (must create this folder beforehand /PSP/PHOTO/CVP/)






Cristal Sky (Miguel Arber)


Version 01092010CS DEMO

  • Re-programmed from scratch, it now brings a complete new window system.
  • New window system, now you can open several windows, move them to your liking on the desktop, switch between them, minimize them, close them.
  • New graphics and sounds, redesigned and improved.
  • Increased load compatibility, including new Custom Firmwares and HBL compatibility (tested on rev95 with success).
  • Greater speed and stability of the program , that you get an error when navigating through the shell is a thing of the past.
  • Improved the Explorer , now it is controlled with the mouse and does not hang as it did before (to move up or down the list of files or directories press L or R or put the mouse on the edges of the explorer).
  • New music player, goodbye to the slow and cumbersome Coverflow, with the new music player three clicks will be enough to do everything you want with your songs.
  • New image viewer. Easier and more intuitive? Impossible! You can also select the image that you are viewing as the desktop background or just by clicking on the central button.
  • Sidebar renewed, all the improvements you had requested have been heard: now there is an analog clock, a weather predictor that connects to the internet and an improved calendar.
  • Added the WiFi icon, it will indicate if there is a connection and its intensity ( y default Cristal Sky uses the first connection of the PSP, therefore it must be configured correctly ).
  • Renewed start menu, now it is much easier to use. Unfortunately in the DEMO version all its functionalities have been deactivated.
  • Added a multilanguage system, now everyone can enjoy Cristal Sky in their own language, for now in Spanish, English and Portuguese (DEMO).
  • Possibility of taking screenshots by pressing SELECT (if doing so an error appears to avoid it, you must have created the folder PSP/PHOTOS/CVP)

Version 010909CS

  • Possibility of accessing the official website of Cristal Vista (PSP version) from the Help Center.
  • Possibility to change the desktop background. There are 5 backgrounds available in addition to the transparent one.
  • Possibility of using the Notepad (PSP NOTES) activating it as said above.
  • Total graphic changes.
  • Inability to run .iso and .cso files in order not to violate the Scenery Beta 2009 standards External applications disabled (They can be activated by accessing the official website of Cristal Vista and downloading the file in the applications section).