Mudkip Adventures PSP

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Mudkip Adventures
AuthorAlexander Berl (Raphael)
Last Updated2007/07/10
TypeOther Games

Mudkip Adventure is a PSP homebrew mini game that is made around the Pokemon character Mudkip, a water-type Pokemon. The game was created in roughly 72 hours, mainly meant as a testing place for the game engine openTri developed by Tomaz, Raphael and InsertWittyName.

It was an entry to the GBAX 2007 coding competition.

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You play Mudkip and your aim is to keep other wild Pokemon away from their target (which oddly enough is your food you collected).

You can use your attacks and also to some degree block the enemies way to keep them away from your precious berries. At the start you will only have a tackle attack type, which allows you to deal some damage and at the same time move back the enemies (and maybe even in chain).

As you earn experience, you will learn other attacks that are more powerful but also might just work well in combination with tackle (for example, the bubble attack).

If one of the wild Pokemon caught one of your berries, you are still able to get it back, if you either hurt the enemy with tackle or watergun, or if you knocked out the enemy completely before it can escape.


Lv - The level you are at. Possible range 1 - 99. For every level you gain more strength, healt points and aqua points and regenerate aqua points faster.

HP - Health points. How many damage you can take.

AP - Aqua points. How many water you have available to use for water-type attacks.

Berries - How many berries you still have. Game is over if you have no berries and all Pokemon carrying one have escaped.


Bubble - Deal little damage. 33% chance to 'freeze' the enemy for some time. Uses few aqua points.

Only one attack made it into the compo version, due to a next-to-intractable bug that started to occur 5 hours before deadline.


D-Pad - Move

Cross - Attack



Known issues

Sometimes the Pokemon just disappear when they caught a berry.

Sometimes the Pokemon get stuck at places.

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