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This is a SEGA Master System/Game Gear/SG-1000 emulator for the NDS, it can also play some Coleco games if you add its Bios.


  • Support systems:
    • SEGA SG-1000/SG-1000 II.
    • SEGA SC-3000.
    • SEGA Mark III.
    • SEGA Master System J, 1 & 2.
    • SEGA Game Gear.
    • SEGA System-E.
    • Coleco.
    • MSX 1.
    • Sord M5.


Download and extract file, DIDL patch it (depend on flashcard).

Create a S8DS directory either in the root of your card or in the data directory (eg h:\data\S8DS).

Put games on flash card.

Regarding rom files:

  • Max 512 games per folder (shouldn't be a problem if separate SMS, GG, SG & Coleco games into different folders).
  • Filenames must not be longer than 62 characters.
  • You can use zipped files (as long as they use the deflate compression).
  • The emulator should also recognise SMS games for SEGAs MegaTech arcade machine and 2 of the SG-1000 arcade games (using MAME zip files).
  • You can check your roms here.

User guide



  • Load Game.
  • Load State - Select which state you want to load.
  • Save State - Select if you want to overwrite an old state or create a new.
  • Save Settings.
  • Eject Game.
  • Power On/Off.
  • Reset Game.



  • Autofire - Select if you want autofire.
  • Controller - 2P control player 2.
  • Swap A/B - Swap which NDS button is mapped to which SMS/GG button.
  • Use X as Start - Map the NDS X button to the GG Start button.
  • Use Select as Reset - Map the NDS SELECT button to the SMS Reset button.
  • Use R as FastForward - Select turbo speed as long as R button is held.


  • Display - Here you can select if you want scaled or unscaled screenmode.
  • Scaling - Here you can select if you want flicker or barebones lineskip.
  • Gamma - Lets you change the gamma (brightness).
  • Color - Lets you change the color.
  • GG Border - Lets you change between black, bordercolor and none.
  • Perfect sprites - Uses a bit more cpu but is worth it.
  • Disable background - Turn on/off background rendering.
  • Disable sprites - Turn on/off sprite rendering.


  • Region - Change the region of the SMS and video standard.
  • Machine - Here you can select the hardware, Auto should work for most games.

Bios Settings:

  • Use Bios - Here you can select if you want to use the selected BIOSes.
  • Select Export Bios - Browse for export bios.
    • Select Japanese Bios - Browse for japanese bios.
    • Select GameGear Bios - Browse for GameGear bios.
    • Select Coleco Bios - Browse for Coleco bios.
    • Fake spritecollision - Some games require this, Pit Fighter doesn't like it.


  • Speed - Switch between speed modes, can also be toggled with L+START.
    • Normal - Standard, 100% speed.
    • Fast - Double, 200% speed.
    • Max - Fastest, 400% speed.
    • Slowmo - Slow, 50% speed.
  • FPS_Meter - Toggle fps meter.
  • Autosleep - Change the autosleep time, also see Sleep (Doesn't work).
  • Autoload state - Toggle Savestate autoloading. Automatically load the savestate associated with the selected game.
  • Powersave 2nd Screen - If graphics/light should be turned off for the GUI screen when GUI is not active.
  • Emulator on Bottom - Select if top or bottom screen should be used for emulator, when GUI is active emulator screen is allways on top.


L+R or Stylus - Access GUI

L/R - Change tabs

The leftmost tab - Exit GUI

Close your DS - Put the emulator in sleep mode

Know issues

Missing: correct sprite collision and overflow, speech samples, YM2413 emulation, EEPROM save for the few GG games that use it.

Close the menu on the touchscreen after you load a game because the top screen is frozen and won't start the game until the menu is closed.


V1.1.6 2021/10/18

  • Fixed load/save state for Coleco.

V1.1.5 2021/10/17

  • Fixed load/save state.

V1.1.4 2021/10/16

  • Reverted a GG_IO optimization.
  • Fixed TV noise graphics after Power off.
  • Fixed file extension checking.
  • Fixed menu glitch if loading game directly.
  • Fixed pause on older Sega machines.
  • Better selection of machines.

V1.1.3 2021/10/12

  • Fixed crash at startup.
  • Added ui to enable/disable YM2413.

V1.1.2 2021/10/11

  • Fixed TV noise.

V1.1.1 2021/09/05

  • Code cleanup.

V1.1.0 2018/07/28

  • Added Sord M5 support.

V1.0.0 2016/03/12

  • Fixed Pause on SG-1000.

V0.9 2015/07/25

  • Added SRAM support.
  • Fixed folder browsing a bit.
  • Fixed some nasty bugs which affected saving of settings and more.

V0.8 2015/07/08

  • Added basic MSX 1 support.
  • Added SG-1000 Arcade support.
  • Added System-E support.
  • Added MegaTech files support.
  • Added support for 3 button MegaDrive pad.
  • Added mini Bios from Power Base Converter for MegaDrive.
  • Added background images for all Systems.
  • Added support for arguments from flashcard menus.
  • Support for longer filenames and more files per folder.
  • Fixed sprite palette bug for TMS9918.
  • Turned of sprites for Mode 1.

V0.7 2010/01/16

  • Fixed Super Tetris & Frogger proto when machine is set to "Auto".
  • Fixed PGA Tour Golf (low bits of VDP Stat not zero).
  • Changed palette buffering to middle of screen.
  • Changed default scale mode to "Scale To Fit".

V0.6 2010/01/07

  • Added option to turn off 3D display.
  • Fixed color/saturation setting for SG/Coleco games.
  • Fixed some bogus handling of the 3D display mode.
  • Fixed "Perfect Sprites" mode, should now be used as default.
  • Changed startup values for VDP regs 0,1 & 10, might break something.
  • Changed sound renderer to be more correct.
  • Removed PAL timing for GG.

V0.5 2009/12/02

  • Added support for Coleco Vision.
  • Added keyboard support for SC-3000/SG-1000.
  • Added support for mode 3 graphics.
  • Added support for red/cyan glasses in SMS 3D games.
  • Added color/saturation setting to display.
  • Fixed issues with mode 0,1 & 2 graphics.
  • Fixed cut off of long filenames in the browser.
  • Fixed timing of VInt.
  • Changed colors for the filebrowser.

V0.4 2009/11/01

  • Added R as FastForward.
  • Fixed Bios handling on MD (Frogger proto GG2SMS works).
  • Fixed "Border Off" for GG.
  • Sprite collision is now "On" by default.
  • Changed R as GG start to X as GG Start.

V0.3 2009/10/20

  • Fixed Bios handling a bit (GG games works again).

V0.2 2009/10/19

  • After loading game GUI is automatically closed.
  • Added internal Bios (for Ace of Aces & Shadow Dancer).

V0.1 2009/10/13

  • Initial release, allmost everything from SMSAdvance seems to work.

V0.0 2009/07/25

  • Started Coding.


Reesy for help with the Z80 emu core.

Some MAME people + Maxim for the SN76496 info.

Charles MacDonald for VDP info.

Omar Cornut for help with various SMS stuff.

The crew at PocketHeaven for their support.

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