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All Install
Last Updated2011/12/23
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All Install is a program that can download and install a number of things for the PSP. It can install homebrew (into game categories folders), plugins (automatically edit your vsh.txt, game.txt, and/or pops.txt), themes, gameboots and version.txt's, etc.

This was one of the contest entries for the PSP Genesis Competition 2011.


  • Downloads files from the forum.
  • Able to download and upload content on the PSP without using PC.
  • Customization.
  • File browser.
  • Text editor.
  • Hide and lock your PSP content with a password.
  • Unzip up to 5 ZIP files at the same time.
  • Calculator.
  • Install version.txt or gameboot.
  • Switch between 2 different savedata folders.
  • Dump UMD to ISO.


Copy the AllInstall folder to ms0:/PSP/GAME/, or to the folder you normally put homebrew in.

Copy the InstallRoot folder to the root of your memory stick.

User guide

Below is the complete list of features of All Install. The examples start from the first screen of the program, the one that says Download on it:

  • Download something. Take you to a download page via web browser (download items into your PSP/COMMON folder).
  • Install homebrew, plugins, skins, etc and delete the ZIP/RAR afterwards.
  • Install homebrew into a specific folder (such as a game categories folder).
  • Unzip/unrar a file.
  • Switch save profiles. Helpful for games that allow only 1 save.
  • Copy files/folders up to 5 items at a time (Select Files mode for managing large amount of files).
  • Delete files/folders.
  • Create a new folder.
  • Dump a UMD to your memory stick
  • Hide/un-hide all of your content.
  • Install a gameboot to flash (note: The gameboot needs to be in your seplugins/RCO folder first).
  • Install CXMB.
  • Manually install a plugin.
  • Install the version.txt (note: The version.txt it installs is located at InstallRoot/vs/vr.txt. You can edit it, or update it if you need to).
  • Install the Recovery Menu Fix (aka 5.00 M33-7). This is only needed on PSP's that have 5.00 M33-6 firmware, and it fixes a small bug that only occurred on my Slim PSP.
  • Create game150.txt. This is only for users who want to use plugins with older homebrew in the game150 folder.
  • View a text file (note: pspWrite will use a default settings configuration. If you want to change the default settings permanently, you can create your own default config file).

You can find an extensive guide about how to upload contents from the readme file or you can visit the official forum for more information.

A list of downloads can be found here.


Be careful with this program, because some features shouldn't be used with certain motherboards/firmwares (example: there are options to install a gameboot or version.txt to flash). If you don't know what something does, please research it first.

Download all items to the /PSP/COMMON/ folder. The file browser starts in the COMMON folder by default (if you delete the COMMON folder while All Install is running, the file browser may show an error message until you restart the program. Press Start in the main menu to restart).

After extracting files or installing certain things, the program will reboot itself (the screen will go black for a few seconds, then the All Install main menu will appear again). This is completely normal, so don't panic.

The UMD dumper will only dump game UMD's. It won't work with movie or music UMD's.

Seplugins don't work while All Install is running, but when you exit the program they will be working again (this is to make sure that a plugin doesn't conflict with any of the All Install functions).



Left/Right - Next page

X - Choose item

Select - Open help screen/tools (Left/Right for more options, Select again to exit)

Start - Reboot program/go to main menu

L - Switch save profiles

R - Calculator

Square - Create game150.txt

Circle (while on Exit screen) - Turn off PSP

X (while on Exit screen) - Exit to the XMB

Home (PS button) - Exit to the XMB

File Browser:

Up/Down - Go through files one at a time

Left/Right - Scroll through files quickly

X on folder - Enter folder

Triangle - Go back one folder

X on zip/rar file - Installs the item, and then deletes the zip/rar file

X on prx file - Install the plugin.

X on pbp file - Launch the homebrew file

X on lua file - Run the lua file

X on txt file - Open text file with pspWrite (in the pspWrite menu, choose Recent to see the file you clicked on)

X on png/jpg file - View image (exit with Triangle to exit the image, note that large images will cause a crash)

Circle - Select files/folders

Square - Delete the highlighted or selected files/folders

Analog Right - Rename highlighted file/folder

Analog Left - Copy the selected files/folders to current directory

Analog Down - Extracts the selected zip/rar files to current directory

Analog Up - Create new folder in current directory

Select - Open help screen/tools (Left/Right for more options, Select again to exit)

Start - Return to main menu

L - Switches file browser into Select Files mode (limitations apply)

R - Calculator

Home (PS button) - Exit to the XMB


Tested on PSP 1000 with 6.20 TN-E, PSP 2000 with 5.00 M33-6 and 5.50 GEN.

It should also work on the PSP Go when using a Memory Stick. However will not work with the PSP Go's internal storage.


New version

  • File browser now lists files in alphabetical order.
  • You can copy and/or delete whole directories.
  • Both zip and rar files can be extracted.
  • Improved the plugin installer, and also created a new way to install plugins (clicking X on a prx file gives you the option of adding it to your vsh.txt, game.txt, and/or pops.txt).
  • Created a new mode for the file browser that allows you to select an almost unlimited amount of files, and then copy or delete them. Tested using 230 individual files (which came from 20 different directories), and copied them all to a new directory.
  • Created a color config file that allows you to change the text colors of the program. (Useful when making a custom skin).
  • MANY bug fixes and other improvements.


  • Programming by OuterHeaven.
  • LuaPlayerHM by Homemister and PiCkDaT.
  • pspWrite by Zx-81.
  • Copy directory function by mallchin.
  • Browser sample by TacticalPenguin.
  • CXMB mod for 3.71-6.60 by Frostegater. Based on CXMB by Poison.
  • Recovery Menu Fix (a.k.a. 5.00 M33-7) by Dark_AleX.
  • Calculator by Shine. (Note: The hide files and password features were written by OuterHeaven).

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