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NDS Backup Tool Wifi
Last Updated2008/06/18
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NDS Backup Tool Wifi is a tool that allows you to back up NDS ROM images.

Note: Note: It is possible that problems such as corruption of SAVE data in the NDS ROM may occur. Please use at your own risk.


NDS_Backup_Tool_Wifi.nds is DLDI compatible, please patch it with the appropiate driver. If DLDI cannot be used, use it as it is.

Modify NDS_Backup_Tool_Wifi.ini with an editor according to the network environment.

Copy NDS_Backup_Tool_Wifi.nds and NDS_Backup_Tool_Wifi.ini to the root of SD.

If NDS_Backup_Tool_Wifi.ini does not exist, the network settings will be the default values.

Start FTPD (FTP server) on the PC side.

User guide

Configuration file

Open NDS_Backup_Tool_Wifi.ini and fill in the settings such as your network (FTPD). The characters on that line after the'#' and'!' Are treated as comments.

  • ServerIP - Specify the IP address of FTPD (FTP server). Default value is
  • ServerPort 21 - Specify the system port number of FTPD (FTP server). Default value is 21.
  • FileDir - Specify the FTPD (FTP server) directory that manages the backed up files. Default is home directory.
  • FTPUser anonymous - Specify the user name when logging in to FTPD (FTP server). Default value is anonymous.
  • FTPPassword anonymous @ anonymous - Specify the password for logging in to FTPD (FTP server). Default is anonymous @ anonymous.
  • SaveFile 0 - Specifies the size of the SAV file when backing up the ROM SAVE.
    • The unit is KByte. If 0 is specified, it will be the SAVE size of ROM. Default value is 0.
    • Specify 512 for R4/M3S and 520 for DSLink.
  • Trim - Specify this to trim unused areas when backing up the NDS ROM. Default is no Trim).

Additional notes

  • Each FTPD (FTP server) has various features (habits). There is no guarantee that it will work with all FTPDs.
  • If the ROM SAVE type cannot be determined, Unknown is displayed.
  • Currently, DS > PC (send) with FTP protocol is unstable and slow. In addition, it may not be possible to transfer normally.
  • Although it depends on FTPD (FTP server), the speed of DS > PC (send) is about 20KB/sec. With a 32MB ROM backup. It takes about 25 to 30 minutes, so connect the AC adapter and work patiently.
  • Depending on the ROM card, it may not be recognized correctly at one time (it may be recognized by inserting and removing it several times). For Macronix1024Mbit (128MB) etc., use Datel's ""recognition improvement adapter"" or adjust the terminal of the board.


L/R - Switch between Save Backup, Save Restore, Rom Backup

Save Backup:

A - Updates the contents of the specified SAV file as a backup with the contents of SAVE in ROM

B - Creates a new SAV file and backs up the contents of SAVE in ROM (GameTitle_Gamecode_No.sav, from 00 to 99)

Save Restore:

A - Restores (writes) the contents of the specified SAV file to SAVE in ROM

B - Initializes the ROM SAVE area with 0xFF

Rom Backup:

A - Updates the contents of the specified NDS file as a backup with the dumped contents of ROM

B - Creates a new NDS file and backs up the dumped contents of the ROM (GameTitle_GamecodeRomVer.nds, will overwrite any existing one)


X - Replace the NDS ROM of Slot-1

Y - Updates the file list of FTPD (FTP server)

Start - Exits the program and turns off the power of NDS


V0.31f 2008/06/18

  • Maybe the communication is a little stable?

V0.31e 2008/02/08

  • Changed it when I knew that dswifi 0.3.4 had been released around this time.
  • Seems to be a little faster and more stable?

V0.31d 2007/10/22

  • Solved the problem that the data backed up by V0.31c was garbled.
  • Sorry that the library of wifilib was not created correctly.

V0.31c 2007/09/25

  • wifilib 0.3.3 was used. With the DHCP bug supported by V0.31 and the new DS, a specific channel.
  • The unusable issue has been resolved (?). Tried to deal with the shortage at the time of backup provisionally.

V0.31 2007/08/19

  • Incorporated the changed part for automatic IP acquisition from DHCP of Mr. Binzumedo.

V0.3 2007/08/16

  • Official version. Fixed some concerns (display bugs, card recognition, etc).
  • Used to convert non-alphanumerical characters in Gamecode to'@', but changed it to'_' because there is an OS that cannot be used.
  • Flash 4M type automatic identify forcibly responds to Zelda and Pokemon (do not mess with Eigo-zuke and household diary).
  • Added initialization of SAVE area with of (Save Restore).
  • Added ROM Version to the file name when backing up a new ROM.
  • Added FTPD directory specification in ini file.
  • Changed the distinction method when the Save type is EEPROM 64K (8KB)?/512K (64KB).

V0.1b 2007/08/02

  • Supports SAVE of "The Legend of Zelda (Phantom Hourglass)" (untested).

V0.1a 2007/08/02

  • Added confirmation message at backup / restore. Progress bar display bug fix.

V0.1 2007/08/01

  • ROM backup function implemented.

V0.0b 2007/07/19

  • PC > DS (recv) was not working properly, so the data was sometimes corrupted by Restore of Save.

V0.0a 2007/07/17

  • Fixed that the erase routine did not work for FLASH type writes.

V0.0 2007/07/16


  • GBATEK reference for the ROM structure and encryption.
  • SaTa's REIN for SAVE type distinction and FLASH type Read/Write/Erase routine.
  • Data of 東雲ゴシック 12dot released by たろサ for the Japanese font.
  • NAYUTA for the icon (received from じょん).

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