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Last Updated2010/01/21
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Explored is a file explorer for PSP which can edit files, play music and run Lua files. It is programmed in Lua by adrain-SAYA, available in French, Spanish and English.

It is featured at the Scenery Beta 2009 (PSP Applications).


  • Plays music files in different formats (one plays only MP3, the other plays other formats due to compatilbility issues).
  • View images in different formats.
  • Browse files within Memory Stick.
  • Connect by USB will allow you to explore Memory Stick, or any of the flashes from the computer.
  • Copy and Paste, Cut and Paste, Rename, Delete files.
  • View Lua files.



D-Pad - Mark a file or folder

Square - View options for a file or folder

Cross - Run the file, Accept the menu functions

Circle - Exit any options menu

Select - Show USB menu

D-Pad Right - Select multiple files

Shortcut keys:

L+Up - ISO folder

L+Down - GAME folder

L+Left - PHOTO folder

L+Right - MUSIC folder

L+R - Configuration menu

Analog - Quickly scroll through menus

Left/Triangle - Return to the previous directory


R+Circle - Stop music

L+Left - Previous song

L+Right - Next song

L+Up - Select favorite folder

Text viewer:

D-Pad - Move through text

D-Pad+Square - Move through text in a faster speed

L - Toggles between normal and tuned display

R - Change background display with text color

Circle - Go back



  • Added a Lua file compiler. Thanks to coder trom_us (To use the compiler, choose a file with the .lua extension and select the 3rd option in the menu, the compiled files are saved in the same path as the original file with the .luacompiled extension).


  • Added multiple languages: Spanish, English and French.
  • Added folder and file order.
  • Possibility to change the CPU speed.
  • File multi-selection.
  • Possibility of creating music playlists.
  • Automatic image centering.
  • Continuous music playback.
  • Added text viewer in different formats (txt, lua, hmt, mht, html, cpp).
  • Added option to run or view Lua files.
  • Ability to see the icon of an eboot.pbp and run it.
  • Option to select favorite folder for quick access.
  • During file copying, added existing file notice.
  • Added error interpreter.
  • Added information bar with CPU level, time and battery.
  • Added effects in the text.
  • Added progress bar in music.
  • Fixed different bugs.


  • Improvements in graphical environment.
  • Possibility to explore flash0 and 1.
  • Added splash of scenery beta 09.
  • Added USB option by UMD.
  • It has system information.
  • Quick movement between folders using the stick.
  • Fixed minor bugs.
  • Compilation improved.
  • ZIP extraction.


  • Initial release.

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